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Not All Voyages of Discovery Are In Space (one-shot, Mature)

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Not All Voyages of Discovery Are In Space (one-shot, Mature)

PostAuthor: Kura Nuhok » Fri Sep 20, 2013 7:31 pm

M5D04 139ABY

It was hot.

Her skin sheened with sweat on a sultry night, Kura's lips parted in her sleep as she rolled over, sheets caught around her hips as her body sought out a cool patch. It felt as though the entire bed was dampened with her perspiration, the bed linens clammy against her heated flesh.

Blinking in the velvet darkness, Kura ran a hand across her eyes, rubbing away the gritty sleep, her body refusing to respond to the instructions to go back to sleep. She was so hot that she was tingling all over, and a soft moan escaped her as she rolled onto her back, cool air finally drying the light drizzle of moisture on her torso as the sheets slid downwards.

A hand closed over one of her breasts, and Kura gasped, nipping her own lower lip with her sharp, pointy teeth as an intoxicating sensation flooded through her, her entire body responding to the expert, practiced touch. The hand was replaced with warm, moist lips, before it travelled across to her other breast, determined not to let it be left out as the fingers nimbly teased her darkened nipple.

She growled, a low, primal sound, as her hands sought the hair of her tormentor, at first holding him to her breast, urging him on, before pulling him upwards into a searing hot, passionate kiss, her teeth grazing Kaz's lip, barely missing out on drawing blood. She could feel him, hard, against her thigh, and their bodies fitted together perfectly. Sometimes, it would appear that there were advantages to being so tall, She wrapped a muscular, powerful thigh around Kaz, rolling him over so that he was pinned underneath her, and, leaning forwards, she offered her breasts to his waiting lips.

He drank from her breasts as though he were supping nectar from a gilded cup, and Kura cried out as Kaz's teeth nipped at her sensitised flesh. Arching her back, she ground her hips down to meet his, but Kaz wasn't ready for that, his hands gripping her hips and rolling her underneath himself again. It was physical, it was primal, it was passionate, and it was like nothing that Kura had ever known. She reached for her lips with his, wanting to taste him, but Kaz darted backwards, both hands reaching for her breasts as his mouth started to trail downwards, hips lips and tongue and teeth carving a path down her torso, around her belly button, and to her most private, heated parts.

She moaned out loud as his tongue quested further, tasting her, teasing her, and Kura pushed her hips up to meet Kaz's mouth, her moan turning into a sharp cry as his tongue speared into her, Her fingers tangled in his black hair as his hands reached for her breasts, each wanting to claim a part of the other that had been previously denied to them.

Suddenly, it appeared as though Kaz could wait no longer, and lifted himself up on his elbows, looming over her, the fire of passion and lust in his eyes, even as he pushed into her with a single thrust. A moan spiralled up out of her, and she dug her nails into Kaz's backside, urging him on as her hips met his. He gathered pace, and Kura met each of his thrusts with enthusiasm born of genuine passion and emotion. A crescendo ripped through her, both sound and sensation, and Kura felt her entire body tense up as Kaz pushed ever deeper into her, pushing her over the edge of ecstasy...

...and then she woke up.

Her hand buried firmly between her legs, Kura sat bolt upright in shock, and shaking as she recovered from... something as she came back to consciousness, wondering how she was ever going to look at Kaziki Halcyon again.
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