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PostAuthor: Lilaena DeVille » Tue Dec 22, 2015 4:09 pm

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It is SEVEN YEARS after the failed REBEL assault on the second DEATH STAR, a battle that cost both sides dearly. The REBELLION lost many of it's heroes and leaders, and the EMPIRE struggled to recover after the loss of the Emperor. GALACTIC CIVIL WAR continued for years, new heroes taking the place of the old, until a new weapon changed the face of the galaxy. The Alliance's STARKILLER MISSILE PROGRAM, and the Empire's rush to match them, has polarized the galaxy into a COLD WAR. With borders drawn across the stars, an uneasy truce exists between the major factions.

The JEDI have emerged from under the ALLIANCE's protective wing, determined to find independence on the world of OSSUS. And yet the DARK SIDE still lurks, offering opportunities for those who wish to grab onto power.

Other Notes: No application (mini bio required), and no word count. Aside from the text-based roleplay aspect of our site, TheHolo.Net also offers a place for film enthusiasts, collectors, and sports fans (among others) to discuss their interests.


Lilaena DeVille

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