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State of the Galaxy

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State of the Galaxy

PostAuthor: Living Force » Sat Mar 23, 2013 6:37 pm

"We will disperse into the galaxy in small numbers, masking ourselves, hiding amidst the enemy. We will infiltrate governments on every planet. All must be brought down for something new to be created. Together or alone, we will slip onto worlds and strike from the shadows. We will be invisible. We will be patient. All that exists will be torn apart from within. Darth Krayt's vision of the galaxy remade will be realized. He lives in us. The Sith will prevail."

- Darth Nihl

It is one year after the end of the Second Imperial Civil War and the Galaxy is in disarray: the power balance is in flux as the members of the Galactic Federation Triumvirate - the Fel Empire, the Jedi and the Galactic Alliance - attempt to restore some form of equilibrium to a galaxy shattered by one of the bloodiest wars ever seen.

Not everyone wants to see equilibrium restored, though.

The Sith, hunted by almost every agency in the galaxy, are quietly regrouping under Dark Lord Darth Nihl, infiltrating governments on susceptible planets. The sole aim of this tactic is to destroy the governments from within, thus destabilising the Galaxy yet further, and allowing the Sith to emerge triumphant from the smoking ruins.

The Jedi, as is their way, are approaching their current situation with dignity. Greatly reduced in numbers by the Third Jedi Purge, they are focusing on bolstering their ranks by finding new students and procuring the funding or resources to either reconstruct their destroyed temples, or create a new permanent home. However, the Sith's bubbling activity is never far from their attention, and they remain at the forefront of the Galactic Alliance's efforts to apprehend the Sith before they can disperse into the Galaxy unhindered once more.

The Galactic Alliance, however, are in a bad way, but actively utilising their aggrieved and disadvantaged status to reclaim worlds (and their infrastructure) as rapidly as possible. Having very little influence outside of the Coruscant System, they have found themselves severely disadvantaged by the Corellian Sector's defection to the independent Unaligned Systems. Desperate to regain a serious foothold in the Galaxy, the GA is taking a hard line on piracy, making an example of those who are seen to be committing crimes against the Galactic Federation Triumvirate.

While the Triumvirate begins to rebuild in a fragile peace, some planets have opted not to rejoin the galactic government, instead claiming independence in the creation of the Unaligned Systems. The leaders of the various groups that comprise the US remain in contact, and share information with regards to any perceived threats, including the Sith, the Galactic Alliance, and the Fel Empire. This outright rejection of the creation of a new power base within the Galaxy has created tensions where once were strong alliances and presumed loyalties.

However, the major player in the Galaxy is now the Fel Empire. Emerging from the twin conflicts squeaky-clean, and with control over more of the Galaxy than ever before, many of the worlds taken before the Sith-Imperial War and even a few taken after show no interest in returning to the Galactic Alliance faction of the Triumvirate. The re-absorption of the largely intact Sith-loyal Imperial forces under Fel Empire command has led to a large, tactically capable, military in place to secure Imperial territories against all threats. In the meantime, the Empire's Imperial Knights are matching the Jedi's efforts to rid the Galaxy of the Sith once and for all.

The Jedi Order and Imperial Knighthood are strong in open conflict but the Sith have a long proven history of victory in guerrilla warfare, can the Force be brought into balance once more? The Fel Empire is strong and secure, can it resist the temptations of power? The Galactic Alliance is recovering albeit slowly, can it hold to its ideals in denial of an easier path? With loyalties tested, and alliances stretched to the limit, will the peace that currently mantles the Galaxy be sustainable, or will the Sith triumph in their attempts to bring the Galaxy to its knees?

Only time will tell...
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