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PostAuthor: Living Force » Tue Mar 26, 2013 6:29 am

I know what "Star Wars" is, but what is "post-Legacy" when it's at home??

  • In its simplest form, anything in the "Star Wars" universe that happens after 138 ABY (After the Battle of Yavin, also basically the year in which Episode IV (A New Hope) is set). Basically, this board is set right after the end of the Second Imperial Civil War.

But I've only seen the movies! When is that in respect to Episode VI ("Return of the Jedi")?

  • Events take place 135 years after Episode VI.

GWARGH! So all my favourite movie characters are dead?

  • Ummm... yeah. Sorry about that. However, you'll find that many of those characters have descendents.

If they're all dead, how can I play a canon character?

  • Well, the good news is that we've done all the work for you in figuring out who, from canon (books etc) is alive or dead. Check out our canon list for details - each name is linked to its Wookieepedia entry. Also, those names with asterisks have some required history, so please contact the Living Force or the Unifying Force if you want to play one of those characters.

Can I play any species I like?

  • Short answer is sorry, no. We have a list of restricted species HERE, so check it out. If you're unsure whether the species you want to play would be allowed, chat to one of the admins.

Can I play a "bad guy"?

  • Absolutely. However, if you're not sure about whether or not your character would fit into the universe, yell to an admin. We don't bite, and will see whether we can fit in your idea of evil awesomeness.

Can I play a "grey Jedi"?

  • Can you play a Force user who has access to both some Light Side powers and Dark Side powers? Sure. Dark Jedi, Fallen Jedi, and Sith converts are all possible. Are you after a 'Grey Jedi', one of those consequence free wielders of all the 'cool' powers regardless of alignment or usual prerequisites? No, but you can read up on it HERE.

With all the new stuff coming out and the splitting of canon into Legends and Terrible Abrams Stuff, what products are considered canon to Fate of the Galaxy?

  • Important stuff. We accept Episodes 1 - 6, the Ewok movies (if you haven't seen them, you should), Star Wars: Clone Wars (this is the animated property, not the CGI one know as "The Clone Wars"), the Black Horse Comics Star Wars comics, the Legacy comics, and the Expanded Universe novels from before they started writing for Abrams' verse. -IF- something from another property is relevant to your character or story idea, PM Unifying Force to discuss it. Some things can be ported over into our timeline without causing any other problems (such as the sheer existence of certain characters, the occurrence of certain battles, etc.).

    What if I have questions that you guys haven't thought about?

    • Then just lob them into the CBox, ask them in this thread, or toss the question at a staff member.
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