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Map of the Galaxy/Travel Times

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Map of the Galaxy/Travel Times

PostAuthor: Living Force » Tue Mar 26, 2013 7:28 am

Want to know where everything happens? Have a look at this map if you need some help! Click on the thumbnail to access full size.

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Re: Map of the Galaxy

PostAuthor: Unifying Force » Fri Jul 26, 2013 2:10 pm

Hyperspace travel times

While generally determined by the distance between two planets, hyperspace travel times between two locations seemingly close to one another could be drastically extended by the need to navigate around stellar hazards, such as asteroid fields and nebulae.

An example of this is the journey from Coruscant to Alderaan. In terms of distance, Alderaan was situated close to Coruscant—the former at approximately 5,000 light years from the Core, the latter at approximately 10,000. However, during the Imperial era, such a journey required roughly sixteen hours of travel due to a section of the route passing through a part of the largely-uncharted Deep Core, where navigation was difficult as a result of the gravity wells produced by the congregation of stars. Ironically, then, it was actually faster to get from Tatooine to Alderaan on the other side of the galaxy. In some cases, intragalactic travels could take days, depending on the distance between two planets and the obstacles between.

That's what it says about travel times on Wookieepedia but I'm sure you're wondering how things are going to work here on Fate of the Galaxy exactly. Well, that's the thing. Hyperspace travel time in the Star Wars Universe is not an exact science. Despite the misconception that space is largely empty there is, in fact, a butt load of stuff out there to slow (and occasionally facilitate) travel between stars. In general terms, travel from one star system to its nearest neighbor will take 1-3 hours. Things ramp up from there, quickly reaching days just to traverse a local region. However, this is mitigated by traveling well known major hyperspace routes (such as the Hydian Way, Corellian Trade Spine, etc.).

As an Administrator, I am going to almost always err on the side of the dramatic when asked about a specific travel time from one place to another but if you need to get from the Deep Core to the Outer Rim in under six hours or your soul mate will be executed... I'd be happy to help you get signed up for some new dating services.
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