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Thread Datestamps

PostAuthor: Living Force » Mon Apr 22, 2013 8:05 pm

In order to keep tabs on what is happening and when, we are introducing a datestamping system that must be used in the opening post on all threads.

It's based on the Galactic Standard Calendar. There are 12 months to each year, totalling 368 days. The months largely match up with the Gregorian Calendar, but Month 2 (equivalent to February) is definitely fluid, and can have as many as 31 days in it to accommodate the 3 extra days. Days consist of 24 hours. So, loosely, month lengths are as follows:

    Month 1 - 31 days
    Month 2 - 29-31 days
    Month 3 - 31 days
    Month 4 - 30 days
    Month 5 - 31 days
    Month 6 - 30 days
    Month 7 - 31 days
    Month 8 - 31 days
    Month 9 - 30 days
    Month 10 - 31 days
    Month 11 - 30-31 days
    Month 12 - 31 days

To make datestamping easy, we have devised a simple way of denoting the date.

M4D13 139 ABY

Hopefully obviously, that means "Month 4, Day 13, 139 ABY". You may wish to specify time of day in your datestamp - for that, just use standard 24 hour clock times.

If you are able, please go back and datestamp any threads you have started, then add the details to the game timeline thread for us to update.

We hope this makes sense!
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