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The Myth of Grey Jedi

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The Myth of Grey Jedi

PostAuthor: Unifying Force » Mon Jul 22, 2013 6:46 pm

It has come to my attention that the concept of Grey Jedi has taken on a life of its own far beyond the concept it originally embodied.

In the simplest terms, a Grey Jedi is a gentle and misleading term for a trained Force User who utilizes both traditionally (though not always factually) Light Side powers and Dark Side powers. It is synonymous with terms like Fallen Jedi and Dark Jedi. It could even be accurately, though misleadingly, applied to those newly lured to the Dark Side within the structure of a proper Sith Tradition (such as the One Sith, Rule of Two, Lost Tribe of the Sith, and so on). That is the proper definition of a so called Grey Jedi.

Due to their use of Dark Side powers, just like Dark Jedi, they are not Jedi at all, though many start as such.

What Grey Jedi seems to have become in the gaming community, though, both play by post and in the video game world, is a subject who is able to use the Light Side of the Force without the dedication usually required, while also utilizing powers of the Dark Side without having to deal with the spiritual and physical consequences of that usage. In essence, it has become an easy path to simple but overwhelming power, cost free. Now, I understand why this would be attractive to a player and of course, as admins, we want to indulge our players insofar as we are able. However, there are several problems with this usage of the term.

First, as it has come to be interpreted, it is incredibly unbalancing to a game. This new understanding of a Grey Jedi is knowledgeable enough, centered enough, emotionally balanced enough to turn away even powerful Jedi Masters because they have all that, -plus- the 'power of the dark side!' Yet, by the same argument, can also defeat the most powerful of the Sith. It essentially makes everybody playing a more traditional character, Force-Sensitive or not, into extras or weak antagonists, in a game that should have a surplus of protagonists.

Secondly, even when presented in the semi-canon of video games, the Grey Jedi is rarely explored in depth. There is absolutely no evidence that it is any different than a Dark Jedi who hasn't completely let go of their original training (Starkiller, for example, though "Force Unleashed" is a -terrible- source for canon regarding any use of the Force), or a Force practitioner who has yet to make that ultimate choice (Kyle Katarn is an excellent example of this, and even then his use of both sides was only perfected in "Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight" by the use of a cheat code).

Thirdly, and lastly, the mastery of the Light Side and its continuing proper use is universally presented as a path of long study, hard work, and deep meditative contemplation of self. It is a lifelong commitment, one that causes the Jedi Order to support its members for life, so that they never have to distract themselves from the call and study of the Force to do things like feed, clothe, or shelter themselves in day to day life. The Dark Side is faster to master, but there will be no support along that path, certainly not from your fellow Dark Side practitioners (who would rather kill you when given the opportunity). The Dark Side is also a vastly more expensive investment. One must sacrifice of oneself, or sacrifice others, in order to learn, let alone master, the intricacies and deep, dark secrets that are required to successfully attain anything but the simplest surface powers. The Dark Side harms everyone who comes into contact with it, victims and practitioners alike.

The Light Side requires the sacrifice of time, focus, and the seemingly easy path to power that is the Dark Side. The Dark Side requires the sacrifice of pretty much everything...
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