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PvP Combat

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PvP Combat

PostAuthor: Living Force » Wed Sep 04, 2013 6:30 pm

Seeing as we have the probability of player vs player combat, instead of just NPC fights, there is a little concern that characters could be seriously injured or even killed without the consent of the player whose character is injured/killed.

In order to prevent this happening, we have a "warning" system in place, wherein the admins will issue "Stupidity Warnings" and "Death Warnings" if a character gets themselves into a situation in which serious consequences are likely. These will be indicated by the below graphics.

Stupidity Warning


Death Warning


The Stupidity Warning will allow for your character to perhaps rethink their course of action in their next post, or to take the IC consequences (please discuss with the player in question as to what the consequences will be before initiating them). The Death Warning again allows for a change of direction, and, unless you actually want your character to die in that thread, it's probably a warning best heeded!

We'll try to avoid using this as far as we can, but if you take on another player in combat, be prepared!
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