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New Application- Nibo LeoRo (Imperial Starfighter Pilot)

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New Application- Nibo LeoRo (Imperial Starfighter Pilot)

PostAuthor: Nibo » Thu Jun 25, 2015 4:35 am

Player name: Ron
Age: 36
How did you find us? I found you on a google search for Star Wars Role-playing groups.

Where did you come from? Well, I got into forum role-playing a bit over a year and a half ago on I prefer Star Wars to Star Trek, and I'm also interested in the Legacy Era of Star Wars. Regardless what Disney says, the EU is still more "canon" to me than what they have been putting out so far. My opinion might change depending on how the new movie turns out, but I'll still consider the Legacy Era as an equally viable alternate universe.

I also hope that this is the correct format for submitting a new application.


Personal Details

Name: Nibo LeoRo
Age: 22
Place of Birth: Yaga Minor
Species: Human
Gender: Male

Height: 180cm
Build: Average
Skin Tone: Light skinned
Hair: brown, straight
Eyes: brown
Distinguishing Features: His infectious smile.
General Physical Description: average build, good physical condition but not muscular.

Force Sensitivity: Are they Force sensitive? No

Faction: Fel Empire

Family: Norbo, Nibo's father (55); Nirbo, Nibo's brother (20); Raemel, Nibo's mother (52).
Marital/Relationship Status: Single

General Information

A. Personality

i. General personality: At least one good paragraph describing their personality in general - tell us what they are like as a person.

Nibo is a dedicated pilot and soldier of the Galactic Empire. He is cheerful and tends to try to make the best out of every situation. He enjoys celebrating at the bars and drinking; however, he is not a heavy drinker. He also has a smoking habit. He prefers fine cigars and is willing to spend good credits on them. He likes to think that he is a good gambler, but he isn't really that good. He is a nice looking guy, but contrary to his confidence in the cockpit, he seems to choke up when he's around women he finds attractive.

ii. Character Strengths:

His dedication and loyalty to his squadron mates and his friends. He fights hard and doesn't like giving up.

iii. Character Weaknesses:

He tends to take chances on the battlefield that could get him in trouble. He is headstrong at times and stubborn when he gets an idea in his head. He also is inexperienced with women and could be manipulated.

B. Character Skills & Abilities

i. General Skills: What is your character good at?

Nibo is a good pilot; in fact, he is a highly skilled pilot. He also has a knack for repairing starfighters as well. He is a pretty good shot with a blaster.

ii. Physical Skills & Abilities What are their physical abilities? Are they a skilled fighter, or perhaps they are very dextrous with their hands. At least one paragraph.

Nibo has good dexterity and is accurate when firing blasters. He is a decent dancer as well. One of his favorite pastimes is playing darts in the bars he frequents. This would be the one exception to his lackluster skills in gambling. When it comes to tests of physical skill that requires dexterity he is a match for the best players he usually comes across.

iii. Physical Weaknesses What physical flaws do they possess? How does this affect them? At least one paragraph.

As Nibo spends most of his time flying and preparing for space combat, he is not very skilled when it comes to hand to hand fighting. He only has average strength. When he does train on the ground it is on the shooting range, so the minimal self-defense training that he received in the academy has not been improved on.

iv. Lightsaber Form/other fighting style:

If Nibo gets into ground combat then he uses his blaster pistol. In ground combat he is very cautious, preferring to fire from positions of good cover. In space combat he is aggressive.

D. Personal Possessions:

standard issue blaster pistol, several hundred credits, a box of fine Shento cigars, military uniforms, a few sets of civilian clothes, a swoop.

E. Personal History At least 3 good paragraphs on their history. Tell us their life story.

Nibo was raised on Yaga Minor in a family with an extensive military background. His father, Norbo, was also in the Imperial military. He served as a starfighter technician in the Imperial Navy. So, he was quite proud of his son for joining the military and being accepted to the Imperial Academy.

Nibo was always competitive with his younger brother, Nirbo. Even though Nirbo was a couple years younger, they were still close enough in age to compete over everything. This competition extended to politics, with both brothers often taking contrary positions on controversial topics.

Nibo entered the Imperial Academy as soon as he finished his secondary education. His natural ability for flying saw him slotted for a training slot in the academy. In his training he exhibited an impressive level of skill; however, he is quite aggressive in the cockpit and has been admonished a few times for the risks he has taken.

His first taste of combat was during the Battle of Coruscant during the Second Imperial Civil War. He got several kills during the battle in his Predator-class starfighter and is hoping that his promotion to flight lieutenant will be forthcoming soon.

F. Additional Information Is there anything else that doesn't fit in above that you want us to know?

If I think of some more things to add in I'll do so.

RP Sample (in character, or state which other characters you play at Fate of the Galaxy): If you are applying for a canon, your RP sample MUST be written for that particular canon, so that we can get a flavour of how you are going to play them. Please ensure your sample is at least 3 good paragraphs. If you already have a character here, and are applying for an original character only, the RP sample is waived.

Ok, remember my training, stay cool, Nibo thought to himself as he attempted to quell the butterflies in his stomach. His hands were trembling a bit as he flicked the last few switches to prepare his fighter for launch. They were launching from the star destroyer Animus. "Sigma Flight, you are cleared for launch," the command from Animus-actual came in over the comms. Nibo keyed his comms, "Sigma-Four, launching!"

The hectic view of Pellaeon-class Star Destroyer's hangar was replaced with the chaotic and beautiful, yet deadly, scene of a massive space battle. Hundreds of capital ships and thousands of starfighters buzzed around in a kaleidoscope swirl made up of engine exhaust, turbolasers, and explosions.

"Sigma Leader to Sigma Flight, stick to the briefing instructions," the flight leader's voice cut out for a moment as he had to focus his concentration on avoiding incoming fire from a pair of enemy Predator fighters. "They sure dropped us off in the middle of…" Nibo commented but was quickly cutoff. "Cut the chatter Sigma-Four!" Sigma Leader admonished him. He then continued with his instructions, "Our job is to keep the enemy fighters and bombers off the Animus. No heroics. Just do our job and we'll make it through this."

"Roger that, Boss," Nibo replied as he was maneuvering his fighter into firing position on the pair of enemy starfighters. There was a chorus of acknowledgements from the rest of the flight. The two enemy fighters passed Sigma Flight and cut around in a tight loop to head toward Nibo's unit for another pass.

Nibo performed a quick snap roll, narrowly missing a head-on collision with the incoming enemy fighters. He pushed down on the stick and twisted his fighter into an Immelmann turn. The maneuver put the enemy starfighters in his sights. "Now I got you," he said to himself as he opened fire with his L-S 9.3 laser cannons. He scored several direct hits and one of the enemy starfighters exploded. It was Nibo's first kill and the first kill of the squadron in the battle. "Yeah! I got one!" he called out triumphantly. "Good, good, came his squadron leader's voice over the comms, "Now don't get cocky!"

Nibo realized that while there was a certain level of terror and excitement as the adrenaline was pumping through him, his hands weren't shaking and the butterflies were now quieted. He maneuvered in for the next kill.

Playby: Who are you using to represent your character?
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Re: New Application- Nibo LeoRo (Imperial Starfighter Pilot

PostAuthor: Unifying Force » Sat Jun 27, 2015 9:59 pm

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