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Pokere Nacht - Jedi Apprentice

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Pokere Nacht - Jedi Apprentice

PostAuthor: Pokere Nacht » Tue Jul 29, 2014 6:01 pm

Player name: Troile
Age: 30
How did you find us? Accident


Personal Details

Name: Pokere Nacht
Age: 14
Place of Birth: Umbara
Species: Umbaran
Gender: Female

Height: 5'7" (and growing)
Build: long, lean, and slender
Skin Tone: a milky, mottled blue
Hair: N/A
Eyes: milky white and blue
Distinguishing Features: Her mottled skin is striking, with distinctive marks about her nose, cheeks, and jawline. This is actually the result of a skin condition that others of her species would recognize immediately and most find unattractive but it is non-contagious and -other- species find it quite striking.

General Physical Description: Pokere has a long, slender frame just like most of her species, seemingly just a bit too thin to be human even when wearing clothes that conceal her apparent species from view. Her frame still has human standard strength for a female of her age and she is quite graceful. The length of body and limbs makes her appear taller than she is whenever there is a lack of reference to compare her to.

Force Sensitivity: Yes

Faction: New Jedi Order

Family: Kāfakafá Nacht (Father), Taupatupatu Nacht (Mother)
Marital/Relationship Status: Single

General Information

A. Personality:

i. General Personality: Pokere is a quiet but enthusiastic young woman. She studies the world with a quiet intensity and engages in it with a quiet intensity appropriate to her age. Open minded, giving, forgiving, and pleasantly respectful to those she meets. She is the kind of Jedi who will one day have a motherly hand with those she must correct, defeating thugs and then lecturing them about why she'd had to do so. For now, in her youth, she is merely trying to learn all she can and make it to her Knighting ceremony gracefully.

ii. Character Strengths: Pokere is a caring but not foolish young woman, she tempers her compassion with common sense and a healthy dose of skepticism when faced with scenarios that seem just a bit too convenient. She is a dedicated student and known amongst the teachers of the Initiates for accepting instruction without misgivings, only questions of clarification. She studies hard and often on her own time.

iii. Character Weaknesses: Her quiet demeanor paired with her accepting nature sometimes leads her not to speak out when she might otherwise should. Pokere will often remain silent despite her own misgivings, trusting her superiors in the Order to have everything under control rather than speak out about something that they might already know about. This also comes out in business dealings (like being overcharged in a market place or given sub-par accommodations at a hotel, etc.) and other situations. The exception is when it comes to her person, she will not tolerate being physically bullied, of course.

B. Character Skills & Abilities

i. General Skills: She is an excellent cook, especially when scrounging for ingredients, and rather enjoys the challenge of figuring something out from limited supplies. Pokere is also rather skilled with a small wooden flute common to her people, playing the instrument's eerily quiet melodies in times of rest.

ii. Physical Skills & Abilities: Pokere is a very athletic young woman, relying on pure physical talent to make up for her youthful lack of skill and experience. She has worked hard to hone her body and her lightsaber technique so that she will be able to keep up with the no doubt more capable Jedi Knight or Master who apprentices her. She is also extremely stealthy, one of the Masters noticing her talent for it and quiet demeanor and tutoring in the little techniques that allow one to move silently and unnoticed in the galaxy.

As an Umbaran, Pokere is able to see into the Ultraviolet spectrum. This means she can see in almost total darkness, as well as colors that most humans simply cannot fathom. Ultraviolet paint is also instantly noticeable to her.

iii. Physical Weaknesses: As speed and stealth are her allies, strength and durability are not. Pokere can bring no more physical might to bare than one would expect of a being her size, even when generating momentum, nor can she take a beating and keep on fighting. She has been beaten in lightsaber combat practice via what amounts to physically bashing away at her defenses until she can no longer bring her weapons to bare effectively. She has hopes that her Jedi master can help her fix these short comings.

As an Umbaran, Pokere is also very susceptible to bright flashes of light or general high ambient lighting. These can easily cause her physical discomfort and as such she often wears a hood.

iv. Lightsaber Form/other fighting style:
Form I: Shii-Cho (Intermediate)
Jar'Kai (Beginner)

C. The Force

Force Alignment: Light Side

Force Powers: (All Powers are Beginner)
Basic Force Powers
Art of Movement
Force Stealth
Force Cloak
Force Flash

Force weaknesses: Pokere is still very much a student of the Force. While she has no specific weaknesses she has a grand general weakness. Inexperience. She has not developed her individual talent to any great extent yet, nor has she begun to truly run with her general abilities. She is not yet skilled enough to take on even the newest of Knights or Sith Warriors alone.

D. Personal Possessions: Jedi clothing with built in hoods, other standard Jedi equipment, a small flute native to her people, a small holoemitter with pictures of her family.

E. Personal History
Though it is rare since the end of the Old Order, Pokere is a ward of the new Jedi Order. Before she was old enough to remember some unfortunate event brought her family low on Umbara, leaving them unable to afford to feed themselves let alone an infant that could produce nothing to assist. The Master who brought her into the Order died during the Purge, before explaining much of what had gone on during that time but leaving behind a holoprojector full of family photos. It's all Pokere has, all of her memories are of being at the temple on Ossus and then the hidden Temple.

Surviving the beginning of the Purge had consisted of clinging to a Jedi Knight in terror as the woman carried her to a waiting shuttle. She was a mere 3 years old at the time and all she truly remembers are loud sounds and the smell of the woman's tunic. She knows she never saw that Jedi Knight again. Pokere remembers arriving at the hidden temple and, after a short time where all the children were spoken to individually, their training began again in earnest. No news of what took place was brought in, no stories to distract them. Pokere was present at the hidden temple when the Emperor's daughter and her Imperial Knights came to that place, asking for alliance.

The war ended without Pokere ever getting involved, a fact she is thankful for, but now she can only hope that enough Jedi Knights survived that she might be taken on as an Apprentice before she ages out of the process. The Jedi don't seem to be turning anyone away yet but she would hate to be the first just as much as she would hate to be the last...

F. Additional Information

RP Sample (in character, or state which other characters you play at Fate of the Galaxy): Kaziki Halcyon and Jax Xefern


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