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Jadsiah Forge, Wraith Leader

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Jadsiah Forge, Wraith Leader

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Age: 31
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Personal Details

Name: Jadsiah Forge
Age: 38
Place of Birth: Kessel
Species: Human
Gender: Female

Height: 5'8"
Build: Broad shouldered, strong, a bit blocky
Skin Tone: Olive
Hair: Light Brown
Eyes: Brown
Distinguishing Features: A distinctly strong build for a female, has more than a few scars from a last second ejection when she was still a rookie pilot.

General Physical Description: Jadsiah has a blocky build, broad shoulders that give her body a squared off look with her refined muscle mass. She's the kind of woman who looks like she could kick your ass, a professional and career soldier who has spent more time on the front lines than at a commander's desk. She has a few small and faded scars on her face from where she took blast back from a hard exit from a starfighter in atmosphere that exploded before she was entirely clear of the craft. She has more scars on her body but very few beings have or ever will see as much outside the yearly fitness exam doctors. She keeps her hair cut short and rarely wears anything other than a flight suit or formal (male) uniform.

Force Sensitivity: No

Faction: Galactic Alliance

Family: Delialah and Kierzon Forge (Parents, Miners on Kessel)
Marital/Relationship Status: Single, never married

General Information

A. Personality

i. General Personality: Laser sharp, direct, and squared away. Jadsiah hates disorganization in herself (though she's been around other pilots long enough to know that's far from a universal trait) and her space, vessel, and squad materials are always perfectly organized, cleaned, and stowed at all times. The pilots under her command don't have to display the same neatness in their personal space but she does require that they show it with their fighter craft and gear.

Jadsiah has been described as severe and terse but the fact of the matter is that's a method for dealing with officers and non-military personnel. With her fellow pilots, particularly the other Wraith Squadron members, her rank is first but is closely followed by whatever personal interaction they've developed with her be it friendship or mentor or rival.

ii. Character Strengths: Jadsiah is willful, steady, and capable. She doesn't get shaken easily and has strong confidence in her hard trained abilities. She doesn't take threats lightly and prepares accordingly, a threat would have to be previously unknown in order to catch her completely by surprise. Jadsiah cares about her people, first, and will put herself in the way of unavoidable harm to protect them. She loves the GA, second, and is often seen positively by Naval Command for her willingness to see a job through to the end (so far that hasn't interfered with her first care). As a trained soldier she can and has, obviously, kill enemy combatants and not fall apart.

iii. Character Weaknesses: Jadsiah has gained one rank too many. She shone like a star at the rank of Chief Master Sergeant but a pair of successive 'battlefield promotions' left her a Lieutenant and commanding officer of Wraith Squadron. On paper she is excelling at the job but in all reality Jadsiah is a Sergeant not an officer. She doesn't innovate tactics and has so far relied heavily on the group scheming sessions to plan out and execute missions with the Wraith Squadron panache their reputation and mission profile demands.

B. Character Skills & Abilities

i. General Skills: Jadsiah is an excellent and combat tested pilot, having survived everything the Sith-Imperial War and the Second Imperial Civil War had to throw at her not to mention one really big screw up of her own early in her career. The skill that is her true calling, however, and the talent that got her onto the infamous Wraith Squadron is her marksmanship. Jadsiah Forge is a sharpshooter of extraordinary talent and skill, with a secondary specialty in heavy weapons. Primarily she focuses on combat sniping but she is plenty dangerous at standoff range as well with a wide variety of ranged weapons from pistols to personal rocket launchers. Her favorite weapon is a highly modified heavy sniper blaster that is capable of removing a tick from a nek's back at extreme range and punching through hardened materials at optimum range (though she rarely gets to use it now that the Wars have come to an end).

ii. Physical Skills & Abilities: Jadsiah's body has been trained to handle the rigors of dog fighting and field operations. She works out, combat trains regularly, and practice both her shooting and piloting obsessively. She is certainly no Gallandro but she can drop most spacers in a quick draw situation with little trouble. She is a hardened combatant and her body, stance, and physical demeanor tell the tale.

iii. Physical Weaknesses: Jadsiah is acutely and severely allergic to peanuts.

iv. Lightsaber Form/other fighting style: Brawling with commando techniques applied.

D. Personal Possessions: Military issued everything.

E. Personal History

Like most of the Forge family over the years, Jadsiah Forge was born on Kessel where the family has a long tradition of working the mines for Calrissian-Nunb Mining between the occasional member running off to have an adventure or two. She grew up first in the family areas and then working the surface operations of the mines. When she was old enough she applied to and gained entry to the Galactic Alliance Military Academy, shipping off and becoming a respectable member of the GA Military as a starfighter pilot.

Like many young pilots, Jadsiah started off her career as an arrogant and brash fighter jockey. Looking to make Ace one day and lead her own fighter squadron. Perhaps, she'd thought, she'd be allowed to name one of the color coded squadron like the near legendary Luke Skywalker and Wedge Antilles had both done to Rogue and Wraith Squadrons, respectively. However, in one of her first missions she badly misjudged an entry on an alien world and her impatience caused her fighter to burn up around her. She tried in vain to save the craft but was forced to finally eject, getting out just before the craft exploded though not by much. Shrapnel from the craft pierced her in several places and the long fall to the surface saw her nearly bleed out.

Coming within an inch of dying was the only thing that forestalled an immediate court marshal, the beginning of the Sith-Imperial War saved her career as every trained pilot was put on the lines to stave off the superior offensive abilities of the Empire. Her developing skill as a pilot and marksman, her exemplary behavior from the point of her injury on, and severe attrition in the ranks eventually saw her assigned to Wraith squadron where her newly buckled down personality and dedication to personal excellence saw her climb steadily until she was second in command of the Squadron, a role at which she truly excelled. Over and over again her attention to detail when it came to herself, her job, and the Squadron's equipment saved the day. Sadly, a saved day didn't always mean a saved team and as one war gave way to another and the GA's access to quality equipment and intelligence dwindled so too did the survival rate of the kind of teeth grinding missions that the Wraiths took on.

Facing off against Sith in the skies and at ground level was equally destructive but the Wraiths still managed to succeed even when the mission ended up far from what they would personally call a victory. At one point the team even reached a low of a single quarter strength. But then, the Sith were vanquished. Peace came rolling in and the Wraiths were brought to full strength once again with candidates the former leader of the team had selected before his untimely death over the Coruscant. Shockingly (to her at least), Jadsiah Forge was named Wraith Leader and given a double promotion to the officer level, a job she has strained herself to accomplish despite her complete lack of talent with paperwork. A squadron of new droids practically run her Lt. office for her while she focuses on what she does best, keeping her team alive.

F. Additional Information Is a direct descendent of a former Rogue Squadron member from the Wedge Antilles era.

RP Sample (in character, or state which other characters you play at Fate of the Galaxy): Kaziki Halcyon, Jax Xefern, and Pokere Nacht


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