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Dantes Tor, Sith Lord

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Dantes Tor, Sith Lord

PostAuthor: Dreogan » Fri Jul 18, 2014 6:59 pm

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Personal Details

Name: Dantes Tor
Age: 35
Place of Birth: Kuat
Species: Miraluka
Gender: Male

Height: 6' 2"
Build: Tall, atheletic build
Skin Tone: Pale, scarred
Hair: White
Eyes: None
Distinguishing Features:

*Cross carved into chest
*Scar on palm and back of left hand

General Physical Description:

Force Sensitivity: Yes

Faction: Independant

Terra Tor(Mother, Deceased or Missing)
Pher Tor(Father, Deceased or Missing)

Marital/Relationship Status: None

General Information

A. Personality:

i. General Personality:

Dantes, internally, is a very scared person. He sees shadows around every corner, and
he sees darkness in every heart. with each beat of his own heart, he feels his
humanity slip away. Years of slavery and hatred has led him to be distrustful of
nearly all those around him, and paranoia is a daily friend. Every move he makes is
calculated, and each success brings him closer to his goal of his own empire. Dantes,
like many in his situation, believes only in strength; strength of will, of character,
and the power to accomplish one's tasks. He believes that if one does not have the
strength to rule, then no amount of fear, slavery, or show of force will suffice.

ii. Character Strengths:

Devious: Years of slavery has honed Dantes' mind to work from the shadows. He is very
quiet, and tends to stick to the shadows. He knows how to entrap people using their
own pride and hubris against them, and takes great pleasure in turning people against

Technophile: Technology seems to speak to Dantes, and he has little trouble getting it
to do his bidding. He has a great amount of knowledge in several fields, including
droids, sublight flight, and hyperdrive technology

Exceptional Pilot/Commander: Dantes was blessed with great reflexes, and a quick mind.
This has allowed him to excel as both a starfighter pilot, and a fleet commander.
While most at home on the ground, Dantes is not afraid to jump into the cockpit to get
his point across.

iii. Character Weaknesses:

Paranoid: Dantes' has lived a life of deception and cruelty, and this has driven him
into a deep paranoia. He never makes a move without double-checking and triple-
checking to make sure he will come out on top.

Hateful: After years of taking abuse, Dantes has become a bitter, resentful person. He
takes pleasure in watching men suffer, and woe betide those that cross him.

B. Character Skills & Abilities

i. General Skills:

Astrogation: Dantes is highly skilled in astrogation mathematics, and has memorized
many secret jump calculations.
Singer: Dantes has always taken solace in song, and enjoys singing as he goes about
his daily tasks. Though most of his songs are of bloodshed and conquest, he is known
to have a beautiful voice.

ii. Physical Skills & Abilities:

Powerful: Years of slavery toned Dantes' body to it's peak. Even after he escaped his
bonds, he still takes great pride in his physical form, and works hard to maintain it.

Swordsman: Dantes' former master was an expert in swordsmanship. He taught Dantes much
about fighting with a lightsaber, especially how to deal with an opponent weilding one
of his own.

iii. Physical Weaknesses:

Temperature Sensitive: Dantes' skin is pale and fair(excluding his scars), and is very
sensitive to temperature variations. High heat or cold cause him extreme discomfort,
and he requires a balanced temperature in any room he is in, lest he get irritable.

Scarred: Dantes' many scars has seemed to decreased his sensitivity to pleasurable
feelings. He does not get pleasure from massages, back scratches or hugs. He only
feels neutral and negative touch stimulation.

iv. Lightsaber Form/other fighting style:

Lightsaber Forms/Techniques
Form I: Shii-Cho(Mastered)
Form II: Makashi(Mastered)
Form V: Shien(Apprentice)
Form V: Djem So(Apprentice)

Dun Möch

Other Fighting Styles
Teräs Käsi

C. The Force

Force Alignment: Dark Side

Force Powers:

Battle Precognition(Shatterpoints)
Force Cloak
Force Fear
Sith Alchemy
Memory Walk(Torture by Chagrin)

Force weaknesses:

Dantes is an expert in the manipulation of an opponents mind, but he lacks the ability
to manifest the force in more apparent ways, such as Force Lightning(which he cannot
conjure at all) or Force Push(which is about a third as powerful as the average Jedi

D. Personal Possessions:

Electrum-hilt Lightfoil(Sapphire/Violet with White core)
Dissuader KD-30 Slugthrower
Red Rux(Horizon-class Star Yacht)
*Point-defense Ion cannon under nose of ship.
*Port equipment pod modified to hold proton torpedo launcher(3x MG7-A proton torpedos)

E. Personal History

Dantes was born on Kuat, among a group of refugees fleeing a battle being fought in
their system. Dantes never knew what happened to his parents, maybe they were killed,
or maybe they escaped to a different planet. Either way, from an early age he as on
his own. Despite slavery being illegal(or at least frowned upon) in most civilized
worlds, Dantes worked for much of his youth cleaning factories that would churn out
blaster rifles day in, and out. He was given little for what he did, and was forced to
fight it out among the many other orphans that worked in this area. He would be
mercilessly beaten by the older children, ridiculed for being weak and thrown against
the hard duracrete ground. He could do little but persevere through these hardships,
promising himself revenge when the time was right.

One day, his lucky break arrived. A Sith warrior, or maybe a fallen Jedi, Dantes
wasn't sure what he really was, but he came to the factory seeking to purchase a large
shipment of weapons. It was all hush-hush, but Dantes was cunning, and could move
silently through the many tunnels and crevices among the massive machines. The dark
jedi walked for a long time among the factories many sectors, and a strange force drew
Dantes to follow him every step of the way. He stayed hidden for a long time, until
the dark jedi peered into his dark corner. Their eyes met, and suddenly, Dantes could
feel fire spreading through his mind. Every dark secret, every fear, and every painful
memory burned. "You are special, young one." The dark jedi had said to him, and held
out his hand.

For years Dantes trained with this man, who never gave a name beyond 'Darth Rux'. The
change in scenery delighted Dantes, but the man treated him much of the same as his
slavemasters did. He was beaten relentlessly, his ego shredded to pieces. Each day,
they would practice combat skills, and Dantes would get a little closer to striking
the killing blow against his master. "Dantes," His master would say, "There is only
enough room in this world for two of us; the master, and the apprentice, one to embody
the knowledge, and the other to covet it. One day, you will take my place, and you
will crush the weak-willed creatures that inhabit this galaxy." Dantes would only nod,
eager to escape this monster and happy to know that his day would come.

Many more years would pass before Dantes was allowed to construct a lightsaber of his
own. A special crystal was created, to his own specifications, and his hilt was
machined. It was a thing of beauty, shining silver rimmed with gold, and a a single
sapphire-colored tassle that hung from the end. Days were spent meditating, assembling
this piece of art ever so slowly and precisely. "It is time to test you." His master
said as he rose from constructing his lightsaber. A deft flick of the wrist ignited
the swirling sapphire-violet blade, and Dantes turned to face his master. He fought
with all the anger and rage that had built up inside of him, and in the end, he struck
his master's head from his shoulders. Finally unshackled, Dantes set his sights at the
galaxy at large.

F. Additional Information

Dantes seeks to establish himself as ruler of powerful empire in the galaxy, and means
to do so through controlling starship and ground weapons markets in the more seedy
star systems.

RP Sample

The Force rippled all around him, penetrating his being and the environment
around him. He could see the individual molecules, and the atoms that made them up. A little mental stimulation coerced some of these atoms to rearrange themselves, lining up and forming a strong lattice network. Then, the next piece was drawn in and fused on the atomic level. Each piece, and work of art in its own right, would slowly float to the assembling structure, lightly joining it's brethren never to leave its assembly. The final joining was the crystal, a synthetic creation but beautiful nonetheless. It floated gracefully through air before coming to a rest in it's housing. It fit in perfectly, much minor adjustments through the Force made it to where nothing short of pure destruction of the rest of the lightsaber would remove it.

The assembled hilt floated in front of his eyeless sockets. The Force allowed him to see, as it did all Miralukas, and Dantes appreciated his work in a way few others could see. Heavy bootsteps broke him from his trance, but he didn't move. "It is time to test you, young one." Dantes made no move until his master had drawn his own lightsaber. A quick reach and a deft flick of the wrist activated the sapphire-violet blade, and a quick twist of his midsection brought the blade to defend against his master. The blades clashed, sending sparks of energy flying past their faces. Dantes gave a hard shove, pushing his master back. He followed up with a quick strike, but it bounced of his master's armor. "Ha, did you really think you would defeat me so easily?!" His master grasped his lightsaber with a heavy, two-handed grip and brought his blade straight down over his head. Dantes rolled to the side, but two more strikes came before he could react. The tip of the blade dragged against his chest, two clean intersecting wounds. Dantes free-hand quickly shot to his chest, and he found that it was no more than a scratch.

Dantes shot to his feet; years of training in combat and the Force flowed to the front of his mind. He allowed himself to be taken by the rage in his soul, and he let loose of flurry of aggressive strikes. His lightfoil design allowed him quick precise strikes, and he was able to deliver them almost too fast for his master to defend against. Small sparks began to fill his vision, small holes in the universe that called to him. He saw his master lean to the side, sending a piercing strike directly at his heart. His hand shot up, catching the blade through the center of his palm. His vision flashed white for a moment, and a spark like a shining star appeared briefly along the link between his master's chestpiece and helmet. Without thinking, Dantes struck. He felt the resistance that was tell-tale sign of a lightsaber blade making contact. He heard the sizzle as the flesh was cauterized on contact, and then a sickening thud as his former master's head striking the floor.

It was over, and Dantes stood victorious.


Playby: Miraluka Dark Jedi(Found on DeviantArt. By LexDarc.)
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Re: Dantes Tor, Sith Lord

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Welcome to the board. Feel free to respond to the plotters of others and/or create your own plotter. We look forward to having you in play.

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