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Oola, Rkarziki - F | Twi'lek | Sith | Lord | Lilly

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Player name: Lilly
Age: 28
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Personal Details

Name: Rkarziki Oola
Age: She is 52 years old (4,199 years from frozen age), born in 4,078 BBY, stasis in 4,026 BBY.
Place of Birth: She was born on Ryloth in the Outer Rim.
Species: She is a modified Lethan Twi'lek.
Gender: She is a natural-born Female.

Height: She is roughly 5' 2" or 157.48 cm or 1.57 m tall.
Build: An extremely physically active woman who does not ever seem to truly stop moving, she is a force to be reckoned with.

Skin Tone: Her skin is a dark, pearlescent crimson that is covered sporadically with vicious scars obtained throughout her endeavors.

Hair: She has the same tone across her lekkus mixed with various black stripes like a tiger's coat. She keeps her lekkus up and around her neck often as she likes to have the best opportunities to move.

Eyes: She has deep purple eyes that are colored like pure amethyst. They are the normal single cascading crystal pupil and iris of most near-humans. They have begun to start glowing and appear to be softly yellowed around the edges.

Distinguishing Features: It should be noted that she has various tattoos across her entire body written in Ancient Sith and engraved with Force ink to enhance herself. She has multiple piercings including four on each ear lobe, two on each nipple, multiple intertwined rings on her belly button and has her clitoris and labia pierced in several places.

General Physical Description: Mastered in multiple martial arts and several lightsaber and vibrosword fighting styles, Rkarziki may be a Sith Sorcerer, but she is just as deadly with her sword as she is with her Lightning. A Lethan Twi'lek makes her exotic, gorgeous, rare and heavily sought after by many species, even some species that might not consider near-Humans to be attractive. It gives her an edge in most negotiations, if she ever bothers.

Rkarziki is quite picky about who she lets near her and who may physically & sexually touch her. She takes great care of her physical form, despite being so well-tuned to the Dark Side of the Force. It is believed that she might live well beyond the years normal for her species. However, despite this, she clearly has more age to her than she should as a cause of the connection to the Dark Side. Wrinkles and crow's feet have become more prominent on her face as she has aged.

Force Sensitivity: She has been trained for almost her entire life in the use, understanding, procedure, function and science of the Force. Her Midichlorian count is 12,345.

Faction: She is an extremely devoted and totally loyal member of the Sith Order or the Order of Passion. She does not know of nor does she follow the Rule of Two doctrine that was created post-Ruusan Reformation. She is currently unaware of the One Sith faction, though will likely join it as it is similar in function to the Sith Empire of her time.

Family: She only has two members of biological family: her Mother and her Daughter. Her father is totally unknown to her and it is likely would never be truly discovered. Her Mother is a deceased Lethan Twi'lek who was a slave to Yarella Desilijic Ar'durv. Her Daughter is, presumably, deceased and was an important Imperial Agent during the formation of the Sith Empire who was extremely different from her mother in all aspects, i.e. she actually chose to be a good person and eventually left the Sith Empire to join the Republic and the Jedi Order.

Marital/Relationship Status: She is currently single and has never been married.

General Information

A. Personality:

i. General Personality: Based on both the investigation and various interviews over the course of her lifetime, particularly in later years, it is very simply put: she is clinically, chronically borderline psyhotic. She has no desires or whims to treat others with respect unless it allows her something that she can benefit from. When she finds you are useful, you not only stay alive, but she showers you in rewards and promotions. She is not a woman that any Imperial Agent would recommend to ever bother trifling with unless you want to end up as a pile of glowing goo.

Never cross her and never ever betray her. She has zero tolerance for stupidity and irresponsibility. She believes heavily in some kind of code of honor, perhaps based in the Ancient Sith ways. She is not someone who ever engages in friendly conversation, if she is talking to you, there is a reason and it must be a very good reason at that. She believes all are beneath her, even the original Sith species. Only those who truly prove their worth in her eyes, often becoming severely injured or psychologically distraught in the process, are ever not considered less than her.

It is very difficult for her to make honest friends and, instead, makes too many enemies. It is rare that she has an ally of any kind. She uses sex as a tool, a method of gathering information, discovering potential allies and betraying those she loathes and abhors. She has never been in love and her daughter was conceived purely out of circumstance. She cares little for the concept of love, family or happiness by normal standards.

ii. Character Strengths:
Conviction: Her singular will and force of personality makes her a potent enemy and nearly impossible to even control. She believes wholeheartedly in the power and legitimacy of the Sith Order and cares little for the petty excuses and events that occur on a daily basis unless it somehow gives her an edge.

Technophile: Despite being a Force-focused user, the woman spends a good amount of time upgrading and fixing her gear, weapons, and her starship. She believes that one must balance all of a person's endeavors, not just one or two, to be truly in control of oneself and one's environment.

The Force: Plain and simple, she is very strong in her control, knowledge, and understanding of the Force. She excels and prefers using the Force to any singular form of ability. She has spent more time focused on this than anything else throughout her life.

Hunting: As an apprentice for a very powerful, ancient Sith Lord, she learned the power and the thrill of the hunt. She excels at capturing and finding the unconquerable and undiscovered. If it is near impossible or difficult, she will find a way to get it.

iii. Character Weaknesses:
- Selfish
- Cruel
- Narcissistic
- Does not accept failure: this pertains to other individuals, not herself.
- Rapist: She will use sex to brutalize someone or to get what she wants, whether they want it or not.
- Brutal

B. Character Skills & Abilities
i. General Skills: Rkarziki is well-versed in the bureaucracy of the ancient Sith Empires, the Galactic Republic and the politics of Ryloth. She is quite skilled in research and understanding ancient history. She is an adept holocron and artifact hunter. She has an extreme fetish for torture and should be considered ALWAYS armed and dangerous.

Rkarziki has been very well versed in the tactics of starship combat, lightsaber combat, starship fleet tactics and droid warfare. She is quite adept at manipulation in all forms, quickly adapting to any social or dangerous situation to suit her needs. She rarely, if ever, fails at getting what she wants. If she cannot get what she wants, then someone pays with their life inevitably.

In addition, Rkarziki has very strong knowledge and experience in medicine. She has understood the complexities of biological forms and it gives her an edge when using her deadly Force abilities.

ii. Physical Skills & Abilities: Dexterity and reactions are the best of Rkarziki's physical capabilities. She is very quick on her feet, capable of dancing around other swift opponents. Her lithe, small form gives her an edge in being restrained, thus allowing her more capability in escaping confinement. Unlike most Twi'lek, she has a much higher range of motion. She is talented in her ability to be stealthy and silent.

Even at her age, she is still talented at seducing others, so do not attempt to win an argument or find yourself in her bed. Her previous skills as a sexual slave, a dancer and a manual labor slave has made her hard, vicious, brutal and capable of surviving extreme environments.
iii. Physical Weaknesses: She does not have the best stamina or strength and can easily be overwhelmed by a much stronger physical opponent if they get a chance to grab a good hold of her. To make up for her lack of stamina and strength as others might have, she utilizes trickery, dexterity, reflexes, balance, and confusion or distractions to keep her opponents off-balance.

iv. Lightsaber Form/other fighting style: She has mastered Shii-Cho, Soresu, Niman, Juyo, and Jar'Kai forms. She has nearly mastered Sokan form.

C. The Force

Force Alignment: She is wholly on the dark side of the Force and chooses to be there.

Force Powers:
Affect Mind
Battle Meditation
Enhance Self
Force Comprehension
Force Concealment
Force Deflection
Force Jump
Force Meld

Force Destruction
Force Inking/Tattooing
Force Lightning
Force Maelstrom
Force Storm
Force Walking
Sith Alchemy

Force Weaknesses: Rkarziki's only real weakness in the Force is manipulating midichlorians in a biological form that does not heal them. Despite being a Sith, she is a very capable healer and this allows her various advantages. This does not change the fact that she is limited in her ability to force a person to suddenly conjure a disease or illness.

D. Personal Possessions: Rkarziki only carries one weapon: a fully customized, self-made single-bladed, dual-phase (second-phase is longer) lightsaber constructed purely of Mandalorian Iron and enhanced using Sith Alchemy. It is colored purple with constant lightning streaks throughout the length of the blade, culminating into crescendo-like explosions of electricity at the top, yet not actually creating electricity.

The hilt itself allows her to call her ship to her and is just slightly longer than a normal single-bladed saber because of the three crystals within. It is designed to have an advanced DNA and Force-based security system, only allowing a Force user with her DNA to use the lightsaber. The crystals powering the hilt are a Dragite, a Dantari and a Hurrikaine. She never goes anywhere without this weapon, even sleeping with it.

On her person, she always has a full credit chip, a datapad, several survival items stashed in her utility belt and an all-weather cloak customized to her robes.

She wears a combat-focused armored Sith Lord robe that is slightly provocative and frightening. She has a multi-purpose utility belt which matches the colors and design of her robe.

Rkarziki owns a personal, small-class, transport named Shadow's Prey. It is a customized starship with a similar style to many other Sith Imperial style starships.

E. Personal History She was born on Ryloth to a slave Lethan Twi'lek and an unknown Twi'lek or Near-Human who happened to work for Yarella Desilijic Ar'durv. She spent most of her childhood as a sex and labor slave for her Master Yarella, until she was discovered by a Sith Lord by the name of Darth Karnak at the age of 12. Darth Karnak, an agent of the Sith Emperor Vitate, realized the potential within Rkarziki and chose to further feed on the girl's hatred and pain for her years of slavery.

Darth Karnak dedicated his time in honing Rkarziki's capabilities into a powerful storm of the Force. To test her skills, when he thought she was ready, he set the twi'lek on an errand to defeat a Jedi Master, Kola O'Nat, that was tasked with protecting a Jedi Corps supply planet near the Mid Rim. Utilizing the vessel she eventually would call her own, she arrived on the planet in secret and used her own experiences as a slave to entice the Jedi Master into accepting her into the Corps to keep her safe.

After many months of fooling the Jedi Master into believing her just to be some poor former slave, Rkarziki killed the woman and her apprentice during their sleep. After killing the Master and her apprentice, she took various Jedi artifacts and holocrons back to her Master. Proving herself worthy to be a Sith, Darth Karnak proclaimed her to be a Sith Lord and gave her the name of Darth Verena. At the age of 17, Rkarziki commenced a long journey of finding more relics, artifacts, and holocrons for her Master. Unbeknownst to the girl, her tasks were really for Darth Karnak's Emperor, intent on gaining as much advantage against the Republic and the Jedi Order as possible.

Travelling from the Mid Rim to the Outer Rim, and throughout the Unknown Regions, Rkarziki managed to obtain dozens of holocrons, hundreds of artifacts, and several relics of the Jedi. During an expedition to Taris, the young Sith discovered that her Master was plotting on using her for a suicide mission to destroy a major Jedi conclave near Dantooine. The intent was to mislead the Jedi into believing that a rogue Sith was trying to take down the Jedi Order. Taking heart to this semi-reliable information, Rkarziki searched the Force for the truth and was able to guarantee the truth and accuracy of this information.

Taking advantage of this, Rkarziki took the vessel her Master had given her and returned to the planet of his headquarters on Vjun. Masking her Force signature and utilizing the most stealth she could conjure, Rkarziki used misleading illusions and various manipulations of Karnak's inherent narcissism to make him vulnerable. In a final confrontation between Karnak and Rkarziki, she killed him and took all his valuables, including almost everything that Rkarziki had accumulated for him in the first place.

In the process of defeating her own Master, she spent much time on Vjun, Ziost, Korriban, and Dromund Kaas developing her understanding of the deeper sides of the Force. The Emperor, upset with Rkarziki's arrogance and presumption that she could abuse his trust and generosity, sent an Assassin after her. The Assassin attempted to assassinate Verena on multiple occasions until a vulnerable moment when Rkarziki was performing a dark ancient Sith ritual to solidify her presence beyond the Force. Not fooled by the Force, the woman caught the Assassin off guard and killed her with little effort. The message was clear to Rkarziki that the Sith Empire didn't want her in power.

Affording the opportunity to go on the offensive, she completed her ritual and then went to Dromund Kaas intent on discovering the truth. Using torture, illusion, manipulation, and simple sexual favors, the woman eventually got close to the Emperor. Of course, the Emperor knew of her presence and her intent, but allowed her the folly of getting as close as possible. After using up what contacts she did have left there, she confronted the Emperor on his betrayal and the betrayal of her Master.

Not compelled to care about her petty little issue, the Emperor did give her praise for even getting close to him physically, let alone through the Force. He admired her for showing the initiative to confront the maker of her proposed downfall. Refusing to be a scapegoat and a mere pawn, she fought him in singular combat using only the Force, only to be defeated merely because he was more powerful. Realizing even more the potential that the Twi'lek woman had, he offered her an opportunity that few get: to become his right Hand on the Force. Such a position would be to her advantage and allow her to garner more knowledge than ever before.

Not wanting to die and not willing to admit to her failure, she accepted his offer and became a member of the High Council at the time, responsible for the accumulation of Force knowledge, holocrons, rituals, and magicks. She spent much of her time manipulating Jedi in order to push the boundaries of Force understanding. After killing too many Jedi, it came to the attention of the Council and the Emperor that she was pushing her limits and if she did not cease her activities, she would be killed or given to the Republic to keep the continued secret of the building Sith Empire from public knowledge.

Rather than submit to the will of the Republic, Jedi Council, or the Emperor, she bound herself in a powerful Sith ritual that entered her into a very deep, powerful meditative stasis after spending much time finding an unknown planet in which to place herself. She discovered the planet of Lohen, the ancient Rakatan capital. She relinquished her followers and companions to do what they will upon the galaxy, she left, alone, into the stasis and slept for many thousands of years. She arose in 139 ABY as a group of pirates had arrived on the planet intent on finding more Rakatan treasures and technology buried within in its ancient surface. They stumbled upon the temple within which she had stored herself. The presence of living beings awakened her ancient hunger and she consumed them whole.

Recovering her strength completely, re-energized by the youth of the mercenaries, Rkarziki set out to discover the truth of the current condition of the Empire, the galaxy, and the Force itself. Finding the galaxy to be fragmented and uncontrolled, it is a perfect opportunity for her to establish herself once more.

F. Additional Information She was the Dark Lady of the Sith and was known as Darth Verena. She was the Dark Council member in charge of Sacred Knowledge of the Sith Order during the reign of the Emperor before the Great Galactic War. She is now simply a Sith Lord.

She is capable of speaking and understanding Ancient Sith, Durese, Galactic Basic, GBSL, Huttese, Lekku, Old Galactic Basic, Ryl, Shyriwook, Sith. She can write in Ancient Sith and Sith.

RP Sample: Rkarziki felt the sudden rush of life surge through the body, causing those glowing red eyes to gaze about in observation. Breathing was exasperated and shallow from being within the carbonite for so long, but she was not yet aware of how long inside. As soon as Nox's body had a few minutes to adjust, the Force spoke of the many lifeforms around the evil one. Inhaling sharply, she closed those deathly dark ruby eyes in hunger, the deepness of such rage, anger and desire filled every orifice quickly.

In a few minutes, the entire area around her suddenly became emptied of anything living, the energies of their forms surging within only to give her strength and power. Weak, useless beings! she thought as the body, mind and soul regained complete consciousness. The steps every moment taken allowed more and more life energies into the form of the Lethan Twi'lek. Eventually, slowly and excrutiatingly painful, the remainder of any life was sucked deeply and cleanly into her form.

Taking a moment to meditate, allowing the rage, the hatred, the pain, the pleasure and every beautiful passionate emotion to fill up, her mind suddenly realized where. Rkarziki moved with impossible speed through the corridors to the surface of the facility whereby she found Quesh still as destructive and vile as before. It was barren, ruined and was clearly meant for fodder of lesser kinds. This did please her, but the sight of their starship was even more enticing. Fortunately, there was more delicious fodder to consume and thus, she consumed the three soldiers standing guard over the ship.

Their intense pain and horror gave the woman even more strength than before. Stepping onto the entrance ramp of the vessel, a gaze was given one final time to the place she called home. After entering the vessel, the ship was closed and she studied the cockpit, discovered that it was more than 3,000 years in the future and realized that it meant a possibility for redemption. At last, we shall rise above and conquer... at last, we shall have revenge!

Dromund Kaas would be her destination, but first, she needed to understand the way that the galaxy worked as it is, not as it was. Searching with the sensors on the vessel and using the Force, she gazed out onto the galaxy to find any signs of her beloved Empire. Soon, she could feel the vast power of the Sith pulsating from deep within Sith Space. The feeling of such beautiful power and hatred only fuels the Sith Lord to prepare for her departure. She prepared the coordinates for Sith Space and set the navicomputer to make its way in a couple hours. Heading to an empty room, she began meditating deeply on the current state of the galaxy, searching for answers and truth beyond the Sith.

A soft whisper under her breath as heard, as the rage causes her entire body to pulsate ribbons and clouds of smoke, ash and hatred, "The Sith Empire has not been destroyed in this Galaxy... it will rise above... and when it does... the universe shall tremble like it never has before!"

Playby: Rkarziki is played by Ancilla Tilia as a Twi'lek.
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