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Personal Details

Name: Jiz’ezena’nuruodo (Zezenan)
Age: 13
Place of Birth:Naporar
Species: Chiss
Gender: Male

Height:1.7 meters
Build: Slim
Skin Tone: Light Blue
Hair: Black
Eyes: Bright red
Distinguishing Features:

General Physical Description: ... Formal.JPG

Force Sensitivity: Yes

Faction: Sith/Independent

Family: Jiz’argu’nuruodo (Father, Deceased), Jiz’ara’nuruodo (Mother, Deceased)
Marital/Relationship Status: Single

General Information

A. Personality:

i. General Personality: Zezenan has a very calculating personality, although outwardly he displays a powerful charisma that causes others to respect and even like him. Like most Chiss, he sees other species as inherently inferior and barbaric. Despite this, he is willing to work with other species in order to accomplish his own goals, never letting his contempt for them seep through his charismatic outward appearance. After his initial training and induction into the Sith, he has come to believe strongly in its tenets, even embracing the old Rule of Two rather than the current One Sith.

ii. Character Strengths:
+Brilliant Tactician: Attending the Chiss Academy from the time he was five years old until the age of ten gave Zezenan tactical and strategic military training. His teachers were surprised with the inherent tactical genius of the young Chiss, advancing him quickly through the program and providing him an even greater command of strategy and tactics.
+Charismatic: Zezenan has always had a way with words, many often commented on him saying that he would make a good politician once he grew up. He is often able to bring others around to his way of thinking which allows him to solve conflicts without the need for bloodshed.
+Observant: Zezenan is able to gain insight on the people around him based on small observations. This has always given him an advantage in dealing with others and manipulating them to do what he wants them to do.

iii. Character Weaknesses:
-Arrogant: The already abundant arrogance of the Chiss species as a whole has been amplified even more by the arrogance of the Sith, causing Zezenan to believe that he is more capable than any other in the galaxy. This can sometimes cause him to underestimate his opponents.
-Distrustful: Zezenan is very distrustful of any who have not proven their loyalty to him in an extreme way. This can result in him eliminating potential allies due to fear that they might betray him.

B. Character Skills & Abilities

i. General Skills:
Multi-lingual: Zezenan is fluent in many languages besides Basic and Cheunh, including Huttese, Mando’a, Shyriiwook, and Quarrenese.

ii. Physical Skills & Abilities:
+Military Training: Zezenan received military training during his time at the Chiss Academy, giving him a good hand-to-hand combat ability.
+High Pain-Tolerance: During his initial Sith Training, Zezenan’s master subjected him to harsh climates at brutal training regimens designed to teach him to turn pain into anger and power. Because of this, he can handle more pain than the average Chiss.

iii. Physical Weaknesses:
-Other Focuses: Due to his focusing on mastery of the Force, strategy and tactics and politics, Zezenan has neglected his physical training. This has resulted in the fact that he is no longer up to the same physical standards that the Chiss military expects its members to be.

iv. Lightsaber Form/other fighting style:
Form VI-Niman

C. The Force Delete section C if your character is not Force sensitive

Force Alignment: The Dark Side

Force Powers:
Core Powers
+Force Stealth
+Force Empathy
+Force Pull/Push
+Mind Trick
+Thought Shield
+Force Lightning

Force weaknesses:
-Zezenan doesn’t have any particular weaknesses when it comes to the Force except for the fact that he is still very inexperienced. Luckily, that makes it easier for him to conceal his Force Sensitivity from those around him.

D. Personal Possessions:
+Estate on the planet Naporar
+Datapad and comlink
+ELG-3A blaster pistol
+Elegant clothing
-Hooded black robe
-Electrum Lightsaber(black with silver edges)
-A few Sith Holocrons and ancient texts

E. Personal History

Zezenan was born into the Jiz Family, a very small family with an estate on the planet Naporar that had been given to them in reward for their service with the Nuruodo family. From a young age, he displayed an impressive intellect, earning him a scholarship to the Chiss Academy, where he began attending at the age of five. Within the first year at the Academy, he had proven himself to be a tactical and strategic genius. This caused him to be elevated above the rest of his class, taking on more advanced lessons and tests much earlier than the other students. After attending the Academy for five years, he was sent off to Basic Training for the Chiss Expeditionary Defense Force, where he would become a full-fledged member of the Chiss military. Succeeding at the training, he returned home as a newly commissioned Lieutenant at the age of eleven.

During his first deployment as part of the CEDF, Zezenan was on board a frigate that was deployed to the border colony of Yashuvhu. Upon landing on the planet, Zezenan met a Nautolan by the name of Kasaq who intrigued him with a discussion on the state of the galaxy and its political climate. After a series of long conversations, Kasaq gave Zezenan a comlink and told him to contact him the next time he was on the planet. About a week later, the two met again. This time, Kasaq told stories of the Jedi and the Sith, which only further intrigued the young Chiss. After admitting that he believed the Sith had the more correct viewpoint on power, the Nautolan revealed that he was in fact a Sith who was searching for an apprentice and that Zezenan fit the bill. Surprised, Zezenan claimed he had no ability with the Force, but Kasaq replied by saying that he did have the talent if he could be trained. Interested, Zezenan agreed to take the position but Kasaq said he would have to pass a test first: the extermination of his own family.

Upon returning home after his six-month deployment, Zezenan was congratulated by his family on completing his first tour of duty. He was distracted, however, by the thought that he would have to kill all of them solely to prove his worth to Kasaq. After a few weeks, he was finally able to accomplish his mission by poisoning the food after pretending to be ill so as to avoid having to eat it himself. As he heard their cries of agony as they died, he made a call to Kasaq, who told him to meet with him on the planet Mustafar. A few days after the “tragedy,” Zezenan called up his chain of command and requested that he be given leave to travel the galaxy in order to mourn his family and seek peace before returning to duty. After being given permission, he took a small shuttle and flew it to Mustafar, where Kasaq was waiting for him.

This was the beginning of the most intense training that Zezenan had ever experienced; a training that could quite possibly kill him. During the year that he was with Kasaq, he gained skill in the Force as well as a devotion to the old Rule of Two, which both he and his new master agreed was a far superior method than the One Sith followed. With his basic training complete, he returned home at the age of 13, a fully qualified adult in Chiss society, and received a discharge from the military in order to turn his sights towards politics and received a low-level position as a personal secretary to a member of the Chiss Parliament.

F. Additional Information
Although Zezenan is a Sith, he is not allied with the One Sith in any way and is instead apprenticed to a Master who would bring about the return of the Rule of Two.

RP Sample (in character, or state which other characters you play at Fate of the Galaxy):
Home… The young Chiss slowly opened the door to his family’s estate. MY estate, he corrected himself inwardly. It had been a full year since he had killed the members of his family in order to apprentice himself to a Nautolan Sith. He grimaced as he remembered the early stages of his training, which Kasaq had designed to teach him to embrace pain. He had risen to meet that challenge, however, and the many that followed it. He had proven himself worthy of being trained in the ways of the Sith.

Unfortunately, he thought to himself as he walked up the beautifully sculpted staircase, running his hand along the rail, if I am to keep up appearances here on Naporar, my master cannot be here with me. The Ascendancy is still very xenophobic, despite the recent support it has given to the Fels. Without his master to instruct him personally, he would have to rely on the holocron that his master had given him in order to increase his proficiency with the Force. For now, however, there were other plans that needed to be set into motion. Bursting open the large doors that led into the master bedroom, he let a smirk cross his face. This room which had once belonged to the head of the family now belonged to him and acquiring it had been so simple. Only a slight amount of poison spread among the prepared food had been enough to wipe out the entire family.

He needed to focus. Basking in pride would be a surefire way to never accomplish his goals. He had to begin working his way up the political ladder. Due to the “tragedy” that had befallen his entire family, he had been able to secure a position as personal secretary to one of the members of Parliament for Naporar. More out of pity than any talent on his part, but he would show that he had what it took to be a member of the Chiss legislature. Glancing down at the bag that he had carried from the spaceport, his eyes glowed with ambition as he stared at the Holocron he had been given by his master. He would need to keep this hidden, of course, in order to keep from arousing suspicion. It may not be as good as working alongside his actual master, but if this is the way things had to be then so be it. Besides, this would only be temporary until he was able to find an excuse to travel out of the Ascendancy whenever necessary. Allowing himself to lie down on the bed, he stared up at the ceiling. ”So much to do; so little time.”


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Feel free to post up a plotter, reserve a face claim, and/or post in the plotters of others. We look forward to playing with you.
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