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Darth Sunder

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Darth Sunder

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Player name: Troile
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How did you find us? You left tracks in the snow.


Personal Details

Name: Darth Sunder
Age: 45
Place of Birth: Korriban
Species: Near Human
Gender: Male

Height: 6'3"
Build: Heavy and powerful
Skin Tone: Red and black (tattooed extensively like the rest of the One Sith)
Hair: None
Eyes: Burning yellow and red
Distinguishing Features: Extensively tattooed across his entire body, imposing physique, and Sith eyes.

General Physical Description: Darth Sunder is a blunt weapon, an attack dog trained to do nothing but maul an opponent up close without end. He is heavy, nothing but dense musculature set on a heavy frame. Every inch of his skin is covered with the tattoos of his order and his species, if ever identifiable, has been lost under that covering. His appearance is just off human enough to make it clear that he isn't one, but not unique enough to readily identify his actual species. He might even be one of the rare half-breeds in the galaxy.

Force Sensitivity: Yes

Faction: One Sith

Family: Huh, what?
Marital/Relationship Status: Single

General Information

A. Personality

i. General Personality: It isn't exactly many-faceted, but Darth Sunder does have one. Mostly fueled by shades of hate, rage, and hunger, Sunder tends to be a man of few words unless he is passing along something from a superior that can't be accurately communicated by a lightsaber. For all of his negative emotions, however, Sunder tends to be relatively content with his day to day existence. He's old enough now to be past the impatience of youth and knows the next opportunity to wreak havoc on a foe is just around the corner. Savor the build up, he likes to think. He tends to ignore his lessers, never offers reward for success (and usually doesn't even want to hear about it unless actively waiting for the conclusion of some detail), and is generally uninterested in anyone who cannot pose a threat to him.

ii. Character Strengths: Single minded when given direction, thrills at a challenge, and well beyond redemption. Sunder also has a wealth of experience and a reputation for being both reliable and disciplined, making him invaluable for those tasks that require the tactful use of blunt force. In other words, he has the awareness and self-control to know when and when not to make a mess.

iii. Character Weaknesses: His lack of ambition, aside from unnerving his fellow One Sith, tends to make him neglectful of opportunities that other Sith would seek to grasp. He always fulfills the letter of his missions but is very unlikely to go above and beyond even if it clearly fulfills the spirit of his orders. It isn't that he lacks cleverness, he just lacks the self-motivation to put that cleverness to work outside of his straightforward approach to the moment. He rarely considers anything beyond his current task. Beyond the use of the Force and basic necessities such as reading and astrogation level math, his academic education has been severely lacking.

B. Character Skills & Abilities

i. General Skills: Sunder is a capable pilot, familiar with his personal vessel (and keeps enough technical manuals around to build one from parts step by step), and can scratch out a hyperspace jump if given the time to work it out on flimsi. He's more than capable of maintaining his lightsabers and building new ones should his small supply of war trophies ever be depleted. For almost all else, he relies on the Force (to find somebody who can handle it, if nothing else).

ii. Physical Skills & Abilities: Sunder is a physical savant. The entirety of his training has been focused on making him a dangerous, effective, overwhelming killing machine and his training started when he was practically a toddler. He is an expert martial artist preferring grappling throws but capable of unleashing titanic punishing single blows during combat. He is passingly familiar with most types of weaponry but greatly favors getting up close and personal, so his focus has long been on melee or unarmed combat when not using the Force in more obvious displays of might.

iii. Physical Weaknesses: While he isn't slow and plodding, necessarily, Sunder will never be described as acrobatic. His ability to change direction or skip about the battlefield is decidedly juggernaut in nature. Prodigious leaps are one thing, but spinning through a loop to bounce off a wall in order to avoid an attack is another (and completely out of the question as far as he's concerned).

iv. Lightsaber Form/other fighting style: Form VII: Juyo, Sunder is a power forward style of fighter who heavily favors offense and shock trooper tactics. Why fence when you can strike so hard with the opening salvo that your remaining foes are little more than saplings waiting for the cut? Sunder makes heavy use of trakata techniques, especially on the rare occasions when forced onto the defensive so that he can unbalance his foe and turn the tide back to his preferred practice of attacking relentlessly.

C. The Force

Force Alignment: Dark Side (One Sith philosophy)

Force Powers:
All basic powers
Force Choke
Force Lightning
Enhance Self
Force Rage
Force Scream
(and pretty much any other physically overt dark side power that doesn't require mysticism)

Force weaknesses: Sunder is not a mystic. Sith Sorcery, Sith Alchemy, the Affect Mind school, and anything that requires introspection or esoteric study are beyond him. Not only can he not even use a basic mind trick but he has proven susceptible to mental powers as well (an intentionally placed weakness set up by his master so his favorite weapon would be less of a threat to him).

D. Personal Possessions: Multiple lightsabers including his lightsaber staff (slightly longer than usual blades, quick on/off, dual-mechanism), powered combat suit (energy ablative coating, trauma reactive layer, bacta reservoir, glove mounted controls), and the Tempest (Corellian Corvette modified for automated operation and stocked with just about the finest equipment the Sith have to offer their wet workers).

E. Personal History
Apocryphal, Darth Sunder' history is much the same as the majority of other members of the One Sith from before they went public at the beginning of the Sith/Imperial War. He was born to the One Sith, raised by the One Sith, trained by the One Sith, and wouldn't be able to exist in any culture aside from that of the One Sith. His entire life, all he has known is cold, calculated cruelty and the burning strike of violence. Abuse from his betters, passed to his lessers, and the struggle against his peers that sustains him.

Sunder was trained in secret on Korriban, along with the rest of the One Sith, under the watchful gaze of luminaries such as Krayt and the former Wyrlock. His training was almost entirely focused on his role as a weapon, his master building upon the basics of Sith training to make him into a heavy handed minion from the get go. He killed several peers, survived a couple of attempts against his life, and eventually was declared a Darth after participating in the attack and destruction of the Jedi temple on Ossus.

The most recent battle to take place on Coruscant saw his last major involvement in the galaxy's affairs. He fought hard against the allied forces that were there to displace the Dark Lord Krayt, reveling in the destruction. He missed not a step when the Dark Lord unleashed his cloned madmen, nor when the order came down to slay those same berserkers, but frustration took hold of him when forced to retreat by his master's command. Once they were in hyperspace he struck the aging being down suddenly and brutally, though that did little to improve his standing in the One Sith. His reigns merely passed on to the next most powerful Sith in the hierarchy. That, however, suits Sunder just fine.

F. Additional Information
Sunder is a tool... of the Sith. He has no greater plans, plots, or galaxy spanning ambitions. He doesn't come up with ways to increase his temporal power, preferring to lean heavily upon his personal power to get his way (which is usually pretty direct and simplistic, he is a Dark Sider because he lives totally in the whims of the moment).

RP Sample (in character, or state which other characters you play at Fate of the Galaxy): Kaziki Halcyon, Jax Xefern, and Pokere Nacht


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