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Darth Kasaq

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Darth Kasaq

PostAuthor: Zezenan » Thu Jan 01, 2015 2:11 pm

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Age: 18
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Personal Details

Name: Darth Kasaq
Age: 38
Place of Birth:Glee Anselm
Species: Nautolan
Gender: Male

Height:1.9 meters
Build: Athletic
Skin Tone: Blue
Hair: N/A
Eyes: Red
Distinguishing Features: Wears a dark red mask

General Physical Description: ... 7xsvz4.png
Force Sensitivity: Yes

Faction: Sith/Independent

Family: None
Marital/Relationship Status: Single

General Information

A. Personality:

i. General Personality: There are few things in life that cannot be solved with a show of force in the mind of Kasaq. Although all Sith take their strength from powerful emotions, Kasaq has a hatred of both the Jedi and the One Sith that surpasses any other emotion inside of him. He takes pleasure in the suffering of others, often toying with those who find themselves at the other end of his lightsaber before ending their existence. He also has more than his fair share of paranoia, refusing to go out in public unless absolutely necessary and even then he takes great pains to ensure that word of his existence does not reach the ears of either the Jedi or the One Sith.

ii. Character Strengths:
+Cunning: Although in battle he may be caught up in bloodlust, he always has a backup plan to ensure he can get away. He picks his targets wisely and works to find some way to cast the blame on someone else, allowing him to escape notice.
+Conviction: Kasaq is completely convinced that he is the one who will set the Sith back on the path that will destroy their enemies by resurrecting the Rule of Two. Because of this, when he fights he fights for both his own survival as well as the eventual glory of the Sith, giving him the motivation to fight on when most others would have given up or collapsed from exertion.

iii. Character Weaknesses:
-Paranoia: Because of the current situation that he finds himself in (being hunted by the One Sith) Kasaq has an extreme amount of paranoia. This can cause him to forsake opportunities that he fears are too great of a risk and can sometimes result in extreme measures to conceal his own existence.
-Bloodlust: During Kasaq's training years, he was taught to revel in the pain and misery of others. It became almost like a drug to him; the more he caused suffering, the more he needed to cause. Because of this, he can sometimes get carried away and leave a bigger mess than he originally planned.

B. Character Skills & Abilities

i. General Skills:
Multi-lingual: Kasaq is fluent in Basic, Nautilan, Huttese and Gamorrese
Aquatic: Able to breathe underwater and withstand the high pressure of going deep beneath oceans.

ii. Physical Skills & Abilities:
+Brutish: Kasaq was trained as a beserker by his master, a tool to be used to unleash the wrath of the Sith upon their enemies. Because of this, his martial abilities are very well trained, making him more than an even match for most in terms of sheer force.
+High Pain-Tolerance: Kasaw was trained to take the pain that he felt and turn it into rage in order to make himself stronger. Because of this, his pain tolerance is very great and he will fight until he is unable to do so even if it kills him.

iii. Physical Weaknesses:
-Brutish: Because of his training as a beserker, Kasaq is not much of an acrobatic fighter, preferring to crush his opponents rather than outmaneuver them.

iv. Lightsaber Form/other fighting style:
Form V- Shien
Form V-Djem So

C. The Force Delete section C if your character is not Force sensitive

Force Alignment: The Dark Side

Force Powers:
+Core Powers
+Force Choke
+Force Lightning
+Force Rage

Force weaknesses:
-Other Focuses: Because his training was focused on the physical side of combat, Kasaq does not have a great talent with Force abilities besides what can be used to enhance his own combat prowess.

D. Personal Possessions:
+Secret Base underneath the oceans of Glee Anselm
+Datapad and comlink
+Hooded black robe
+Black Body Armor with dark red mask
+Dual-Phase Underwater Lightsaber(Red)
+Personal starship (Ghtroc 720 "Relentless")

E. Personal History

Early Years: Born on the aquatic world of Glee Anselm, Kasaq's life took a sharp turn for the worse when he was only five years old. His parents had fallen on hard times and had to take out a loan from a Hutt, who killed them and took Kasaq into slavery when they could not pay their debt. Growing up in a crime syndicate on Gamorr hardened the Nautolan and he eventually worked his way out of slavery and became a bounty hunter.
Life as a Hunter: At the age of 20, Kasaq began his career as a bounty hunter. He spent seven years working for the syndicate he had been a slave to and in that time he made a name for himself as a ruthless hunter who would pursue his targets to the edge of the galaxy. His final job was to track down and kill a Twi'lek Sith named Majorin. Tracking him down to Klatooine, he set an ambush for him which ultimately backfired, leaving Kasaq at the Sith's mercy. Sensing the spark of Force Sensitivity in the Nautolan, Majorin took him as his apprentice and brought him back to Korriban for training.
The One Sith: During his training, Majorin determined that Kasaq's abilities would be most suited to becoming a marauder. Broken down and rebuilt into a fearsome warrior, Kasaq's physical prowess became his strong suit. Majorin discovered Kasaq's inherent talent with Battlemind and began to use him on vengeance missions against those who had betrayed the Sith in some way. After ten years of hunting the enemies of the Sith, Kasaq had begun to realize that the Sith were growing weaker by allowing one person to rule them unchallenged. Disgusted with this realization, he brought it up to Majorin, who told him that he agreed and there were others who felt the same way. Convincing Kasaq to attend a secret meeting, Majorin brought a group of Sith together to attempt to brainwash Kasaq into not questioning the philosophy of the One Sith. Realizing what was going on before it was too late, Kasaq slaughtered the Sith who were trying to control him, including Majorin. Now fully convinced that the One Sith were traitors to the true power of the Dark Side and knowing that the only way to truly gain power would be to reinstate the Rule of Two. He recognized that he was already too far corrupted by the One Sith and it would be up to whoever he chose as an apprentice to truly set them on the path to total victory. Escaping on board his ship, he fled to his original homeworld of Glee Anselm, where he set up a secret facility to hide and plan his revenge on both the false Sith and the Jedi.
Finding an Apprentice: The first target that Kasaq decided to eliminate was an Inquisitor of the One Sith who had captured a Chiss saboteur attempting to cripple a Sith cargo transport and was in the process of interrogating him to uncover any other saboteurs before they could act out their plans. Tracking the Sith down to a planet on the edge of Chiss space called Yashuvhu, he spent a couple of days scouting out the area. He was surprised to find a young Chiss in the Defense Force who happened to have the ability to use the Force, although he seemed completely unaware of it. Intrigued, he began conversing with him and eventually decided that the Force had brought them together for a reason and convinced him to become his apprentice. Understanding that secrecy would be the most powerful weapon of the new Rule of Two, after training the young Chiss he sent him back to his home with the task of becoming a notable player in Chiss politics.

RP Sample (in character, or state which other characters you play at Fate of the Galaxy):
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