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Arrianya Antilles

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Arrianya Antilles

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Player name: Melissa M
Age: 24
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Personal Details

Name: Arrianya Antilles
Age: 19
Place of Birth: Corellia
Species: Human
Gender: Female

Height: 5'9
Build: Slenderly Muscular
Skin Tone: Fair
Hair: Red, straight
Eyes: Blue
Distinguishing Features: 4" scar across right wrist near the hand. 1/4
jagged scar near right eye on the temple. Slight right leg limp thats barely noticable.

General Physical Description: While not of notable stature or build, Arrianya is muscular despite her slender appearance. Her hair is long (mid back) but generally kept pulled back. Her eyes are a deep shade of blue that seems very penetrating and cold.

Force Sensitivity: None

Faction: Unaligned Systems

estranged father, great great grandson of Wedge Antilles, Abrosius.
Deceased mother, Willena.
1 brother in the galactic forces, a fighter pilot shes only met twice, Reginald.
Marital/Relationship Status: Currently single

General Information

A. Personality:

i. General Personality:
Arrianya is a no nonsense young lady who is devoted to her passion but at the same time loves a good joke. She comes off as bossy, rude, blunt, and downright uncouth at times. When her mother died she became somewhat somber and silent, and still holds most of that silence to this day. When she does speak its business as usual, unless she gets angered.

ii. Character Strengths: Arrianya's strengths are her devotion to work, her passion for bending the rules when she can get away with it, her willingness to debate when angered, and her willingness to help out. When she decides to bend the rules, and knows she can get away with doing so, it is usually because the situation is dire, though not always. She has bent the rules to pull a prank.

iii. Character Weaknesses: Arrianya's main weakness is her anger. Her anger can get her into trouble faster than stepping into quicksand. She often finds herself having to talk her way out of trouble.

B. Character Skills & Abilities

i. General Skills: Her skills include extreme accuracy with most weapons, being able to ride most animals that can be ridden, assembling items easily, spotting small details, and flying.

ii. Physical Skills & Abilities: She is able to easily lift a crate weighing up to 100lbs, is very good with her hands, and is flexible.

iii. Physical Weaknesses: Her right side of her body bears scars from a riding accident, and her right leg pains her which causes a slight limp that is barely noticable. This only really affects her when she is exposed to cold for long periods of time or suffers severe trauma to her right leg.

iv. Lightsaber Form/other fighting style: Arrianya is proficient at hand to hand combat, evasion techniques, and with most staffs. She is an excellent markswoman and has become deadly accurate with a blaster rifle and blaster pistols.

D. Personal Possessions: 1 blaster rifle, passed down her mothers line. 2 blaster pistols given to her by her father. Datapad, comlink, feminine hygiene necessities, 2 pairs extra socks, one change of all clothing, and 2 extra sets of under garments, all in a backpack. 75 credits in pocket, 2500 credits in the bank.

E. Personal History
Arrianya was raised by her parents though they were in their later years when they had her. She was an accidental child. She grew up hearing how awesome her brother was as a pilot and being taught how to shoot, ride animals, and care for herself in most situations. Her days were filled with training and chores. She had very little free time and what time she did have was spent at her family's neighbors farm, learning how to ride and care for animals.

Her parents and her lived a life that was considered luxurious by living standards but her dad was often drunk. He barely spent time near her, instead opting to have someone else train her. Her mother passed away shortly after her 14th birthday which was the first time she got to see her brother. He looked down on her and said "Why couldn't you be a brother instead?" then walked away. It did more to injure her ego than anything her father had ever said to her. From that day forward she vowed to prove to her brother that she could be just as good as any male. She doubled her studies up, choosing to work even harder and master the blaster rifle. She worked so hard that she became one of the most accurate shooters in her community and vowed she would leave one day to make her own fortune.

Right after her 19th birth year celebration, Arrianya, despite what her father told her to do, went to a competition that had a cash price, 3000 credits. She worked her way up the ranks and won the prize. When she got home that night, she was met with her father on the steps to their home. After a lengthy yelling session, he threw a backpack at her that had very few of her possessions in it and slammed the door behind him. She was effectively thrown out. She went to her neighbors and spent the night in their barn, seeking solace in the very animals that had been her form of escape through her youth. The next morning she left and didnt turn back. She managed to find a ship that was headed to Nal Hutta and offered to work in exchange for passage. She had to work for her meals but she didn't care as long as she was far away from her bigoted father.

F. Additional Information

RP Sample (in character, or state which other characters you play at Fate of the Galaxy):

Arrianya had grown tired of the prattling on that was going on. Can't you lot decide already? If we go to Mos Eisley we will be hunted. If we go to Tattooine, we get hunted. So either way its a frakking crap shoot. She was beyond frustrated at this point. Her head was pounding and she was exhausted. This was the third day they had dealt with arguing on where to go and supplies were low. Either way they were going to be hunted as smugglers.

She thought about what had brought her here. All that had brought her to this point. She should have been working somewhere as a sharp shooter and instead she was on a smugglers ship and being hunted. Arrianya slammed her fist down on the table. Figure it out you bantha poodoo. Sometime this light year would be nice. And with that, she stormed out of the galley.

When she reached her room, Arrianya screamed at the bed in frustration, the reverberating noise not helping her head at all. She ran her fingers through her hair, losing herself into her thoughts. She was still young and as such still dreamed of somehow finding a militia that would fully appreciate her and put her in a command position. 'That would show my brother' she thought to herself as she drifted into a light sleep, waiting for her commrades to make a decision on what was going to happen now.


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Arrianya Antilles
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