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Game Timeline

PostPosted: Mon Apr 22, 2013 8:06 pm
Author: Living Force
So things are already starting to get pretty tricky with the timeline around here, so we've come up with a datestamping system in order to plot out the game timeline.

Read up on our datestamp system HERE.

When starting a thread, please datestamp it, and then fill in the below template so we can add it to the timeline.

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M3D07 139ABY - Being Neighborly - Jax Xefern/Hettir Kyram
M3D13 139ABY - Pirate Hunting - Jax Xefern/Antares Draco

M4D05 139ABY - Into the Jungle - Sider Rimora/Michele Altair
M4D09 139ABY - In A Dive Bar, In A West End Town - Isshbecca/Auren Donos
M4D13 139ABY - Operation: Wasp Nest - Jedi (FACTION PLOT)
M4D13 139ABY - Wasp Nest: Side Trip - Kaziki Halcyon/Kura Nuhok/Sider Rimora
M4D14 139ABY - Archeology At Its Finest - Cade Skywalker/Michele Altair
M4D16 139ABY - Scum & Villainy - Darth Murdus/Auren Donos
M4D17 139ABY - Hitchin' A Ride - Auren Donos/Sider Rimora
M4D22 139ABY - Operation Garbage Hauler - Cade Skywalker/Kaziki Halcyon
M4D25 139ABY - Entertaining the Guest - Antares Draco/Auren Donos
M4D26 139ABY - Safeguards Against The Future - Kaziki Halcyon (one shot)
M4D26 139ABY - P-P-P-Pick Up A Padawan - Kura Nuhok/Kaziki Halcyon/Jiorral
M4D26 139ABY - Meeting of Minds - Gar Stazi/K'Kruhk
M4D26 139ABY - Sweet Home Mandalore - Jax Xefern/Hettir Ky'ram
M4D28 139ABY - Serpent's Gaze - Kura Nuhok/Kaziki Halcyon
M4D28 139ABY - The Final Contract - Jax Xefern/Hettir Ky'ram
M4D29 139ABY - The Voyager - Auren Donos/Jax Xefern
M4D31 139ABY - Greater Good - Master Eanin/Master K'Kruhk

M5D02 139ABY - Knights of the Round - Kaziki Halcyon/Kura Nuhok/Antares Draco/Eanin
M5D04 139ABY - Not All Voyages Of Discovery Are In Space - Kura Nuhok (one shot)
M5D04 139ABY - Gathering Storm - Auren Donos/Jax Xefern/Levin Vos
M5D05 139ABY - Charity - Kaziki Halcyon/Kura Nuhok/Michele
M5D10 139ABY - A Simple Proposition - Zurda Lokore/Auren Donos
M5D10 139ABY - Political Gambits - Cade Skywalker/Kura Nuhok/Kaziki Halcyon
M5D13 139ABY - Prisoner Transfer - Kaziki Halcyon/Kura Nuhok
M5D20 139ABY - All Out Of Limelight - Kaziki Halcyon/Kura Nuhok
M5D23 139ABY - Coming Home - Kaziki Halcyon/Kura Nuhok

M6D2 139ABY - Return of the Jedi - Kaziki Halcyon & Kura Nuhok
M6D9 139ABY - Jedi Temple - Jambe Lu, Kura Nuhok, Kaziki Halcyon
M6D9 139ABY - Journey of a Thousand Miles... - Pokere Nacht, Kaziki Halcyon, Kura Nuhok, Jambe Lu
M6D9 139ABY - First Day of the Rest of Her Life - Pokere Nacht

Re: Game Timeline

PostPosted: Tue Apr 23, 2013 6:18 pm
Author: Living Force

Can I please ask everyone to go back and datestamp their threads (if they were the topic starter), and then use the template here to let me know what's happening when!

Ta! :D

Re: Game Timeline

PostPosted: Fri Sep 05, 2014 6:37 pm
Author: Living Force