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Charity [tag Mir/Kura/Michele]

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Re: Charity [tag Mir/Kura/Michele]

PostAuthor: Kaziki Halcyon » Sat Oct 05, 2013 1:26 pm

"Would it be unimportant when you're trying to track me down and save me from myself in some alien jungle? How about when you're buying me new boots as a thank you for one of the countless little things I do for you? Unimportant indeed." He sniffed indignantly but the constant smile made it all into an obvious joke. Well, most of it, as they both knew he would definitely need rescuing if alone in the jungle. That was why he favored the Antarian Rangers so much.

"Well, I was certainly no heavyweight but in my class I was one of the fastest, most devastating pugilists on Corellia. The Sith having such a presence kept me honest and as soon as my passive ability to predict attacks had gotten too strong... I quit." He gave a shrug, it was the only fair thing to do when competing with non-Force sensitives. When he danced through three rounds without getting touched to knock the guy out it was time to hang it up so the other kids could enjoy the game. "Only fair."

"Most of them aren't worth mentioning, just the one of note." Kaz reached out and turned a snap of his fingers into a pop frog, clicking it twice before handing it over to the Togruta boy before turning away to regard the direction he felt the other Force-user in. It took only a moment to find the subject in question, focusing on a female in the ring girl row. "Of course, the longer I observe the less sure I am about the Jedi element of my profiling attempt. Wait... pot calling the tea kettle black. Ignore that last bit, I'll stick to being judgmental about beating up on the technically blind."
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Re: Charity [tag Mir/Kura/Michele]

PostAuthor: NPC » Sun Oct 06, 2013 5:21 am

((OOC: Michele, we couldn't hold off with the thread any longer for you. If you still wish to join, please insert yourself later in the thread. Mir, feel free to use this as a jumping off point to carry on with the thread.))

She wasn't paid enough to do this. Or wear this, either, but it was a job, nonetheless, and at least it wasn't something where she was going to be running the risk of being arrested. Well, not unless she got into it with someone, but that was a whole different matter.

One of the fighters was on his way over now, looking surprisingly nervous, and Kel'ra rolled her eyes. She kept the sullen, haughty look on her face, and twitched an eyebrow up as he spoke to her. "Get lost, creep," she spat, before snickering and turning away, placing herself on parade once more. If she was going to catch a man, at least let it be a worthwhile one.
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