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P-P-P-Pick Up A Padawan (TAG: Jiorral/Kaz)

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Re: P-P-P-Pick Up A Padawan (TAG: Jiorral/Kaz)

PostAuthor: Kura Nuhok » Tue May 28, 2013 11:21 am

A small flicker of a smile as Kaz admitted that he had misgivings almost daily, Kura was about to answer his assertion that she would roll over one morning and find him full of self-doubt, but realised what he had been inferring. Her mouth clammed shut, and her skin, montrals and lekku flushed as that little thought danced unbidden across her mind. She clamped down on it, wondering whether Kaz would notice it.

Of course he would.

Relaxing once more, though, and laughing as he admitted he had vomited on a J-1, Kura shook her head, reaching behind to unbind her lekku at the same time. "Please ensure, then, that you have a suitable vessel in which to be sick," she grinned. "I refuse to clear up after you." She tossed him a challenging smile. "After all, is that not a job for a Padawan, not a partner?" She'd tease him for all it was worth on that one.

Apparently having no questions, Kaz suddenly stopped in his tracks and turned back to Kura. Expecting something serious, she was almost shocked when he asked about a supposed "crush" that she had on him, and, once more, her montrals and lekku turned blue, and her creamy-white markings blazed the same rich red as her skin. Swallowing, and simply giving Kaz a blazing glare, before turning and stalking back to the dorm where she had been bunking.

Kaziki Halcyon would drive her quite mad, she just knew it.
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