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Safeguards Against the Future

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Safeguards Against the Future

PostAuthor: Kaziki Halcyon » Mon Jul 15, 2013 9:36 pm

M4D26 139ABY

Kaz's return to Ossus had begun with an impromptu meeting with the Council of Masters, or at least most of it. There were currently only six Masters in residence on Ossus with the Grand Master's required appearances on Coruscant making that number fluctuate from time to time. He'd been present, creating the simple majority needed for whatever they were about once they'd received his oral report on the mission where they'd assigned him to supervise Cade Skywalker. Seventy two minutes of interrogation had followed that, the Masters grilling him for every bit of information and clarification they could think of. All in the wee hours of local morning. When it had ended Kaz had known exactly what he needed to do.

He used his personal comlink to push back a meeting with the handful of Corellian Jedi on Ossus, it was largely about updates and the trading of personal missives though there was likely to be some bits of solid intelligence to pass back home as well. Still, Kaz had the feeling that his access to certain bits of information was going to quickly get very... complicated in the near future, if not outright restricted. He headed straight for the Ossus data center. There were various nooks within, private spaces designated for different matters of import such as the difference between students studying and a Jedi Knight pulling up information for an emergency assignment.

Kaz knew his father would still be in the Masters Council Chamber many floors above, quietly listening and following his assertion that Skywalker was a matter that needed to be dealt with sooner rather than later, deep in verbal debate and far from a computer terminal. So Kaz used his Ryld Halcyon's access information to log in on one of the librarian control consoles and quickly find what he was looking for. Everything on Revas and the Starforge with complete cross referencing downloaded onto a datacube. The cube came out of the writer, replaced with a new blank one so as not to draw unnecessary attention to the lack. Kaz then turned his attentions to his long term concerns.

What he searched next was even more ancient and Kaz wouldn't be surprised at all if it turned out to be merely a good solid stepping stone to a far more involved research endeavor, considering how many times the Jedi library had been devastated and rebuilt since the events in question had taken place. Still, Kaz had every confidence that he would be able to find what he was looking for, or at least usable fragments of the necessary data, so long as he had a starting point to jump from. Cade had scoffed at history as an academic subject, Kaz recalled with amusement as he compressed the data for a burst transmission, how fitting that it would be the source of his defeat if he were ever to become a threat to the galaxy and the Jedi as his ancestors had...

As soon as the package was ready, Kaz sent it via hypercom to a location that would be just another patch of empty space less than twenty minutes after the message arrived. And long before then, Kaz himself would be absent the library. He shut down his datapad, logged out of and shut down the computer terminal he'd been working on, and swept back across the area. He was idly enjoying the feel of having another cloak when the doors swooshed open long before they would have sensed his arrival, causing Kaz to stop in his tracks as a tiny furred figure was revealed in the back lighting from the hall but who's features were obscured by the shadows within the darkened library.

Kaz grinned as if merely pleased to see her. "Ah, Master Tiki. I hope my little visit didn't disturb your rest."
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