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Canon List/Bloodlines

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Canon List/Bloodlines

PostAuthor: Living Force » Fri Mar 22, 2013 5:48 am

Available canons are listed below. If you wish to reserve a canon, please post in this thread. Reservations last for 21 days, after which time they will be placed up for readoption.

Joe Bloggs - available for adoption
Jane Doe *insert date here* - reserved
Billy Bob - taken
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Re: Canon List & Bloodlines

PostAuthor: Unifying Force » Fri Mar 22, 2013 4:43 pm

This is not a comprehensive list and may well shrink or grow as needed. All characters listed are alive as of most recent update. If you are interested in a character with an asterisk by their name please contact staff about a required plot point attached to said character.



Obviously, there are certain characters in the Star Wars universe that appeal to people. With the extremely long and storied history available to the setting and the fact that our board is set at the most recent events of that history one of the very few ways to connect to many of those characters is through the use of a bloodline. The Legacy Era, more than any of the other Eras, has featured bloodlines very prominently. Cade Skywalker is a direct descendent of Luke Skywalker, and this fact has played an important part in the Legacy Era. Marasiah Fel is the direct descendent of Princess Leia and Han Solo.

And this process isn't restricted to Canons either. The Original Character known as Kaziki Halcyon descends from a bloodline of Jedi with a peculiar weakness/strength combination in the Force. The current Mandalore (leader of the Mandalorians if you don't know the term) is a descendent of Jango and Boba Fett. The options are endless but that doesn't mean they should be abused either. A pointless connection to a minor character from an obscure moment in Star Wars history is hardly worth the effort of justifying and would mean nothing to the story anyway. Nor does a connection to even the most important characters entitle a OC to some special unbalancing advantage (though it might). Sometimes a connection to a certain character might even come with a sizable drawback (is there any doubt in your mind that the Skywalkers have double edged destinies?).

But who would be ripe for a Bloodline connection? Kyle Katarn, Kam & Tionne Solusar, and Wedge Antilles just to name a few that come to mind. Just understand that for a Bloodline to work there must be some tangible connection (not just name) between the subject and the descendent. In the case of Marasiah Fel she has inherited her ironclad personality and position from her connection to Jagged Fel and her connection to the Force from Jagged's wife, Jaina Solo (Daughter of Leia Organa). Kaziki Halcyon is a descendent of the Halcyon Jedi Bloodline and has inherited their unique weakness of possessing absolutely no ability to perform Telekinesis through the Force but the line's tremendous talent for absorbing energy. Kyle Katarn was known for being a jack-of-all trades, the Solusar's were prodigious and skilled teachers, and Wedge Antilles was Force-blind but an absolutely peerless fighter pilot well into his later years of life.

The rules for Bloodlines are simple. Use your head and don't do it unless you can think of a good reason. Otherwise it's just a footnote on the character app.
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Re: Canon List/Bloodlines

PostAuthor: Unifying Force » Wed Jul 31, 2013 4:09 pm

If you're stretching for more specific ideas of likely targets for use on this game I've pulled up some likely names from times past.

Human Lines
Fel (this could be from a line other than Jagged Fel's, he had more than one sibling)
Solo (Jacen/Allana's line, as Jaina's line has been subsumed by the Fel line)

Bothan Lines
Askar (clan)
Ilya (clan)

Gamorrean Lines
Gakfedd (clan)
Klagg (clan)
Rogak (clan)

Mon Calamari Lines

Rodian Lines
Bomu (clan)
Chattza (clan)
Chekkoo (clan)
Tetsu (clan)

Sullustan Lines

Twi'lek Lines
Doneeta (clan)

Wookiee Lines (this should surprise nobody)
-bacca (suffix)
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