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Jedi Master Tiki

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Jedi Master Tiki

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Personal Details

Name: Tiki
Age: 53
Place of Birth: Kushibah
Species: Kushiban
Gender: Female

Height: 0.75 meters
Build: Slight (lagomorph)
Skin Tone: Color changing fur covers this
Hair: Usually a snow white, soft fur but prone to color changes to suit mood
Eyes: Golden Orange
Distinguishing Features: Large eyes and long, prominent ears make her capable of a wide range of physical mood indicators despite a relatively inexpressive face.

General Physical Description: Small and quick, for her species Tiki was once considered quite attractive and like all Jedi she has aged quite well. She is physically slender, very fit, flexible, and extremely spry regardless of comparison species. Quick to smile (or rather her equivalent) and prone to stroking one of her own ears shyly when complimented by a male. She has a small, refined harness that she wears when away from Ossus that functions just like a humanoid Jedi's utility belt including holding her diminutive lightsaber.

Force Sensitivity: Yes

Faction: New Jedi Order (Jedi Master)

Family: Tag'li (Mate, deceased), Kiptu (Son, Jedi Knight), Kimmy (Daughter, Weaver), Saru (Daughter, Farmer), Four Grandchildren (alive, she has pictures and will gladly discuss them at the slightest provocation)
Marital/Relationship Status: Widowed

General Information

A. Personality

i. General Personality: Excited/Motherly is probably the simplest approximation available for Tiki's personality. She is very energetic, rather than appearing her fifty-plus years, but spends almost all of her time moving about the Youngling classes since the end of the Third Jedi Purge, throwing all her energy into teaching the next generation of Jedi Knights as efficiently as she can rather than focusing on a single apprentice. She can often be seen perched upon a student's shoulder whispering advice and encouragement as they make their next breakthrough in the Force or some academic subject. When spoken to directly Tiki tends to be honest, obvious, and direct in an effort to avoid becoming one of those Jedi Masters that seem to always speak in riddles. She believes that while that is fine for older students it is a waste of time with full trained Knights and unnecessarily confusing to the Younglings. She is friendly, and many of her former proteges still keep regular contact with her even if they still currently train with their apprenticeship Master.

ii. Character Strengths: Patience, serenity, and peace. While energetic and spry Tiki is not impatient in the least. She has long experience both as a Jedi Master and mother, both topics of which she is quite knowledgeable. She has produced four full Jedi Knights, trained dozens of Younglings, and raised three children. Her patience is boundless, her teaching methods refined but adaptable, and her presence full of warmth and encouragement. She can often turn this personality trait to negotiating passionate contests to peaceful conclusions as well.

iii. Character Weaknesses: Unaggressive. This is made all the more pointed when combined with her unimposing stature and appearance. While she is a fine negotiator she sometimes has trouble getting heated opponents to notice her in the first place without invading their personal space in some way. Since violence of any kind can be less than conducive to peaceful resolutions this can be a difficult to accomplish task at the best of times.

Tiki is also often unwilling to strike down other beings in combat if she can avoid it. If you kill a sentient being you are depriving them of the opportunity to learn better, change their ways for the better, and do better things with their remaining years.

B. Character Skills & Abilities

i. General Skills: Aside from a lifetime of general skills acquired by almost all Jedi (investigative technique, interrogation techniques, etc.) Tiki is an accomplished formal educator, weaver, and youth counselor (she has earned formal degrees in both education and youth counseling from Corellia University). While capable of piloting a vessel it must be one designed or modified for a being of her general stature.

ii. Physical Skills & Abilities: Tiki is a dynamo of speed and agility, tumbling across the ground or through the air in combat. Small, fast, and prone to unexpected direction changes makes her exceedingly difficult to hit with ranged or melee weapons alike. Tiki is also an excellent climber, gymnast, and capable of gauging distance with but a glance.

Tiki has learned, though practice and the Force, to consciously control her fur's ability to change change color so that it is no longer solely at the whim of her emotions. The most obvious advantage to this is camouflage but it can also be used to bluff beings who are aware of the normal nature of a Kushiban's fur as a sign of emotional state.

iii. Physical Weaknesses: Like all smaller species, Tiki's Kushiban body is incapable of applying large amounts of physical might. She lacks the strength of even many of the Younglings she trains, and though she can enhance herself in the Force, there are certain realities of mass and strength that just can't be ignored. Brawling will always be a losing proposition for her Tiki. Moving heavy objects without assistance from the Force, or overwhelming an opponent with strength, are just not going to happen.

Another issue she often comes into contact with is being a small species in a galaxy that is seemingly designed around a human standard. Most vessels, domiciles, vehicles, technological conveyances, technology, weapons, clothing, etc. etc., are designed for beings much larger than her. In many, if not most, cases this can make technology difficult to impossible to use for Tiki. She has done her best moving forward to acquire modified or size appropriate equipment and the Jedi Order have gone out of their way to assist her with this as well, being certain that her Missions come with the appropriate equipment or goods for her before hand.

iv. Lightsaber Form/other fighting style: Form I (Master) and Form IV (Master). Tiki uses a shoto as appropriate to her size and she is easy to spot as a practitioner of Ataru immediately upon her opening stance, though Tiki prefers to stay close to a surface of some sort (rather than soaring through the open air) to facilitate the quick direction changes that make her defensively viable against other quick opponents. Her Form I mastery becomes evident in her preference and talent for disabling the weapons of her opponents over striking at them directly. She takes great advantage of the fact that few lightsaber users are practiced at attacking or defending anything below their knees.

C. The Force Delete section C if your character is not Force sensitive

Force Alignment: Light Side

Force Powers: General Powers (Expert), Telekinesis (Master), Enhance Ability (Expert), Battle Meditation (Expert, often used as a teaching tool with her Youngling classes).

Force weaknesses: Physical considerations. Tiki is small, it's a fact that can't be avoided. A Force blast, no matter her defenses, can sweep her away rather easily and though she can enhance her natural attributes her strength is already so far below a standard human that even enhancement won't put her on even footing in that attribute.

D. Personal Possessions: Shoto, Jedi utility harness, Jedi robes, size appropriate common equipment, etc.

E. Personal History

Born on Kushibah, discovered soon there after to be Force sensitive, Tiki's parents debated it for nearly a year before deciding to send their daughter off to train as a Jedi. She stayed in touch as was allowed in the New Jedi Order and after attaining Knighthood often spent a great deal of time in the Gordian Reach Sector so that she could be near to home. Though the Kushiban were relatively rare to see off their homeworld the nearby space saw them often enough to put in natural considerations to the species' lesser stature. Tiki operated as a Jedi Knight, then Jedi Master, in the sector and trained all of her apprentices, including her son, in the area as well. When the Third Jedi Purge began both Tiki and her son were able to disappear into their native culture where Tiki and her Mate proceeded to create a comfortable life for themselves, children and grand children.

When the Purge finally ended Tiki was one of the first Jedi to reemerge from hiding, having watched the goings on in the galaxy as closely as she could without arising suspicion. She rushed back to the Order to throw her experience and expertise into the training of new Jedi in the hopes of quickly regaining the position of strength the Order had lost, regenerating numbers that would be needed lest another travesty attack in their moment of weakness. She often considers taking one more apprentice before her physicality begins to wane, at which point Tiki is determined to become a permanent teacher, perhaps creating a satellite classroom on her homeworld targeted on Younglings from diminutive species.

F. Additional Information

Tiki hasn't yet begun to slow significantly in her age, her species usually doesn't until around the age of 60, but she constantly assesses herself to be aware when that day comes. She's aware she is no longer at her peek but she's close enough that few would be able to spot it, and her Enhance Ability power more than covers the bare millimeter of decline.

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