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Apprentice Request

PostAuthor: Unifying Force » Fri Mar 28, 2014 2:15 pm

Requester: Unifying Force
Relevant Character: Kaziki Halcyon, Jedi Knight
Requested Role: Jedi Apprentice/Padawan
Request Details: I don't have a lot of restrictions, really. Kaz is a Makashi duelist, worldly Jedi, and almost constantly cheerful man. Any character that can benefit from those features are likely to work for Kaz's tastes as a teacher. Quick and nimble characters, those who can't or largely don't focus on brute force, are likely to benefit the most from his training. Generalists, specialists, these are all good. The Counselor, Guardian, or Sentinel themes all work.

The only thing I say is a hard no is a Anakin Skywalker style character. Kaz is no Obi Wan Kenobi, he won't tolerate or excuse a being who simply doesn't have the temperament to be a Jedi. This game is set during the New Jedi Order, so there are far fewer rules governing Jedi personal behavior (and the rules that exist are far more liberal than in times past) so don't take it as Kaz being uptight in the slightest. Kaz is good at reading minds so wiping out a village full of people (including women and children) isn't likely to go unnoticed.

Contact info: On here via Unifying Force's PM or Kaz's plotter.
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