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She's a maneater

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She's a maneater

PostAuthor: Michele Altair » Wed Sep 18, 2013 4:30 am


Meet Michele Altair, also known as Darth Malice. While she may look innocent enough on the surface, this little Sith jezebel is a skilled Sith Assassin and infiltrator. At the moment she has only a passing association with the One Sith faction and spends her time wandering the galaxy searching for ways to satisfy her own interests and pursuits, mostly relating to knowledge and physical pleasure. You know you WANT to plot with her, and so do I! =D

Friends: She is a Sith, and she maintains a healthy distrust of...pretty much everybody. Even while in incognito she keeps other people at a distance. She does not see any value in friendship, instead preferring the term 'alliances'. And she usually only makes alliances with people that can provide some service to her.

Enemies: Again, she is a Sith. So this list will be quite long, undoubtedly! As Darth Malice she is sure to have quite a few enemies in the galaxy. When she is in disguise? Well, maybe not so many because they don't know who or what she is! She usually attempts to kill any would be enemies before they become just that, too.

Lovers: Second only to her quest for knowledge and power, Michele enjoys acts of physical intimacy with other beings. After all, Sith give into their emotions, and lust is a very powerful emotion indeed! Or that's how she justifies it. She is an uninhibited girl and loves to add a notch or two to her bedboard when given the opportunity. More than just for fun, she also uses her good looks to seduce potential targets. Aside from casual trysts though, she isn't likely to feel 'love' for anything but power. Anything is possible though.
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Re: She's a maneater

PostAuthor: Cade Skywalker » Wed Sep 18, 2013 4:39 am

Something with Antares wouldn't work - find a sith, bring it in. Simple. Cade has a lot of pain on him due to Sith influences over his life - but he's honorable and not bound to an oath... it's conceivable...

Here's an idea I have

Since Malice seems like the kind of 'gal' who does infiltrating at its finest :P what's say we use that? Basically, Cade and his ship are being ferried through the maelstrom nebula - a section of space where guidance systems don't work and a course has to be plotted before passage can be achieved, then - once the course is set - the ship CANNOT deviate from it. Also onboard, is a scientist (of whatever gender suits Malice lol) and his assistant by the name of Michelle (we can guess who this is) apparently, they're onboard to study a sith sarcophagus that the Republic has unearthed off the ruined jungle planet of Dromund Kass

Apparently, the sarcophagus contains the bones of an old Sith General - a rival for Tulak Hord who was put down when Hord took power. The investigators have been attempting to open the sarcophagus but for some reason it won't respond. When michelle - the scientists assistant suggests that the scientist asks Cade to try (deviating from her earlier somewhat ditzy personality for a second) the scientist does just that and Cade agrees - primarily out of boredom as it's another day before the ship reaches it's destination.

When Cade approaches the sarcophagus it responds almost instantly and a sith spirit appears - blasting Cade with lightning and attempting to feed off his force signature. 'Michelle' revels herself then - slaughtering the team of scientists and attempting to absorb the spirits energy as it kills Cade in order to feed off its knowledge and complete her training

Then things go a bit pear shaped

Because Malice's training is incomplete, she's unable to complete the ritual fast enough and the ghost begins feeding on her - it's only stopped when Cade blasts the energy he's been bombarded with back INTO the ghost, severing its hold over Malice... just as the spirit 'deposits' parts of itself into the corpses that Malice slaughtered

(now how affected Malice was by the spirits actions is up to you - it could have even drained part of her life force and left her physically younger as it absorbed her experiences and grew stronger, however affected she was that's up to you. It just tried to kill Cade and was happy to absorb the energy released when he died. Malice tried to consume it but the spirit turned her attempts back on her so... anyway, if Cade reacted fast enough she wouldn't have been affected - I'm just telling what would have happened if he didn't :lol: but she could have ended up almost pre-teen like twelve or thirteen though her mind would still be intact)

With the corpses risen and fragments of a Sith Ghosts mind running them, Cade and Malice are forced to team up and keep the corpses contained while the ferry continues on its path to the other side of the nebula, knowing full well that if the sith manages to stop the ship mid-path it'll leave them stranded forever. Running for the bridge, they find the crew and - jury-rigging the controls - are forced to go into hiding on the lower decks as the Sith Ghost continues killing whoever/whatever it finds and filling it with fragments of its mind and power. Finally, as their cornered in the engine room, Cade realizes they can use the ghosts 'power' against it.

Putting the crew into force hibernation trances, Cade and Malice wait until the ghost has deposited its consciousness amongst all of them and then Cade attacks them - easily overwhelmed by the sheer number of bodies, Cade is brought before the ghost to be consumed... just as Malice drops down and attempts to devour the ghost again. With it's consciousness split between so many hosts, it weakens and Malice is able to disperse it (it being too powerful to fully consume she at least manages to reverse whatever damage - if any - it did to her) leaving the crew to safely come out of their force-induced comas.

As for Cade, too weak to stop Malice, she escapes just as the ship exists the nebula... with the sarcophagus. If nothing else, she has a souvenir ;)
Deliah, What the hell is goin' on in the engine room?
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