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Aiden Cassius Cato

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Aiden Cassius Cato

PostAuthor: Aiden Cassius Cato » Sat Jul 12, 2014 4:12 am

Player name: Aiden Cassius Cato
Age: 19
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Personal Details

Name: Aiden Cassius Cato
Age: 19
Place of Birth: Nar Shadda
Species: Human
Gender: Male

Height: 5'5
Build: Skinny with the beginning of a muscular build
Skin Tone: As pale as Hoth snow
Hair: Straight, Black, short. (Look at Avatar)
Eyes: Sapphire blue
Distinguishing Features: His pale skin
General Physical Description: Look at my avatar.

Force Sensitivity: Yes

Faction: Jedi

Family: Unnamed deceased parents, he never knew them.
Marital/Relationship Status: Single

General Information

A. Personality

i. General personality: If there is one thing that can be said about Cato is that he is quiet. He rarely speaks but can be incredibly sarcastic if you get him going. He's a good person who loves to help people and has, on some occasions, given the actual shirt off his back to people, leading to some very awkward conversations. He is mostly serious but he has a seemingly unquenchable desire to explore and will take every opportunity to do so. He's also fun loving and always tries to have fun and stay positive no matter the situation.

ii. Character Strengths: He is intelligent and can analyze a situation well, not masterfully, it will take him a long time to gain that ability but for now he does a good job and "Goes with his gut" As he likes to say.

iii. Character Weaknesses: If there is one thing a former life as a pirate teaches you it is to do what you think you have to do to survive. Cato is a being of emotion but unlike his other Temple mates he does not know how to control himself all that well even five years after joining the Jedi. He is prone to anger and can and may lash out given enough provocation. He expresses other feelings such as sadness, frustration, and helplessness as anger based emotions as well.

B. Character Skills & Abilities

i. General Skills: As skilled a shot with a blaster as any pirate he can wield a blaster with the best of them. He is also good at fixing things and has a love of ships and spacefaring.

ii. Physical Skills & Abilities Skilled fighter, and quick. Although not all that physically strong he is fast and is very skilled at fighting dirty, allowing him to get the jump on his opponent through using tactics that most Jedi might not.

iii. Physical Weaknesses: He is not physically strong but makes up for it in aforementioned quickness and dirty tactics.

iv. Lightsaber Form/other fighting style: While he carries the basic knowledge of Form 1, Cato, being a Jedi Guardian also decided to focus on Form IV, Ataru, he has decided to focus on this form because of his natural ability to move quickly. He considered intermediate.

C. The Force Delete section C if your character is not Force sensitive

Force Alignment: Light Side

Force Powers: The only Force Powers he really knows are the core ones, throwing, force speed and jump, mild ability with Mind Trick, but nothing much besides what you'd see other Apprentices using.

Force weaknesses: Fear, while Cato has no family to speak of he does care for those he once roamed the stars with a great deal, if used while using Force Fear he will fall under it quickly.

D. Personal Possessions: What does your character own? A com link to his old friends, his most prized position, a blue lightsaber, a blaster pistol and his robes. Along with normal clothing such as a shirt, pants, boots and a vest, making him look like any other smuggler in the galaxy.

E. Personal History An orphan born on Nar Shadda Cato was taken in raised by a group of pirates who flew the ship The DreamRunner he grew up with them and sees them as his family of sorts. From his first steps he was given a blaster and became a crack shot with it by a young age. He loved the pirate life and thankfully his crew let anyone they took hostage live, most of the time. Any murders committed were not committed in from of him or the other kids to preserve their innocence.

His best friend was a T'wilek, named Tila Voss, and for as long as he or she can remember there has been a sort of romance going on between the pair. When he was approached by a Jedi Master to come train after his force sensitivity being sensed she was the one who convinced him to go and be a member of the Temple.

The captain of the ship, a Human male by the name of Jak Stills didn't take the idea of Cato's leaving all that well and "disowned" him if he chose to go with the Jedi, meaning that Cato could never again return to the DreamRunner or it's crew as long as Jak was captain. Tila gave Cato one of their spare holo-comms so they could keep in contact but so far their talks have been private secrets between the two not known by either Jak or Cato's master. Now at 19 Cato is a skilled Jedi Apprentice who is proud of his role. Sarcastic and sometimes obstinate he might be but he is always respectful to the Masters of his Order and will carry out most any command given to him. But he'll go about it his own way.

F. Additional Information: None

The Holocommunicator beeped and Cato reached in the slight gap between his bed and the wall and slipped it out, pressing the button to activate it he laid back on his bunk and yawned as the face appeared before him. She had the light blue skin of a Tw'lek and the head tails to match. She was just about his age, if not a few months younger. "Hey Tila." He said, smiling slightly, his white teeth the only thing whiter than his pale skin. Tila grinned at him. "Hey Ghost." She said using the teasing nickname she had "invented" for him when they were children.

"How's flyin'?" He asked leaning back onto the pillow and stifling another yawn as the other trainees began to get up to work, either helping with mundane things like cooking or cleaning or even doing strenuous work like helping rebuild more of Ossus since most of the city was flattened in the last war. That was of course after morning exercises and meditation.

"It's good." Tila said grinning. "We raided a trading ship and took all their cargo. We had a feast last night." She said, patting her belly. "I think I'll need to burn off the calories." She said looking down at herself. Cato hit his forehead with a loud smack and glared daggers at his longtime friend and sometimes crush. "You've got a body that most dancers would kill for, so stop calling yourself fat and if you don't I'll find you and toss you about like a rag doll till you puke out all the blue." He threatened.

Tila erupted in a fit of stifled giggles as she covered her mouth with a hand. "Okay, okay. We don't have much planned for today besides getting the new retrofits in, like the new nav computer and such." She said. She stuck her tongue out at him. "I wish you were here, you're much better at fixing the ship and the driods and crap like that then I am." She said. "But you just had to go become a hero, didn't ya?" She asked, pulling down a lower eyelid and letting her tongue hang out of her mouth. "You told me to go Vossy, no one to blame but yourself." He said, grinning a said grinning a teasing grin at her flustered expression at the realization that she was indeed the one who set him on this path.

"Tila!" Jak's voice called from off the holo. "Stop screwin around in there and get down here to help me move this cargo!"

Tila gave Cato an apologetic look and muttered "Same time?"

"Same time." Cato assured her.

With a grateful smile she switched off the holo, Cato did the same and hid it behind his bed.

He swung his legs over the edge and stood, dressing quickly he moved to hook his lightsaber on his belt and made sure to strap the blaster to the outside of his thigh and begin his way for morning meditation.

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